Apple giving next-gen iPod Touch the OS X, um, touch?

obeezySwell, now that your skeptic sensors are functioning, here are the latest whispers surrounding the up and coming iPod(s).[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1005Diggs).

What other users say about this:

mmilian: This speculation is more than a month old:

And by “more than a month,” I mean it’s probably been predicted time and time again since the only iPhone was a Cisco branded product.

Lavarock: dugg just for title

Waldbaums: Expect to see one of these babies after Apple’s “free ipod back 2 school deal’s” are over. (Sept. 16)

cowboystyle: This is pretty cool, I love OS X…

gjunkie: The only thing that sounds kind of strange is why would Apple give the iPod OS X if all it’s gonna do is play music and videos. If they’re going as far as giving it OS X, I hope it does so much more.

persept: Engadget’s stories always get dugg up, instead of the original article from 9to5mac. Yet nobody complains about blog spam? Sometimes I just don’t understand…

plexxer: I find it hard to believe Apple will be able to shove the touchscreen, battery and hard drive in a package that will be just as thin as the current gen iPods. Would you be willing to give up some pocket real estate for a bigger screen?

griz: Sweet! I’ll cash in on my NEWIPOD PPX shares on

Loving my AAPL shares too!!!

in2deep: Looks good..interesting!

mywhitenoise: Whoops, didn’t mean to comment on this story.

Graemebru: what do people here think about the Archos 605?

Comes out soon.. Sept 1 🙂

rjcarr: The next ipod will have a touch screen and be running a micro version of OSX. Guess what? So does the iPhone. Why would they do anything else? If the iPhone works, don’t break it, just pull out the phone. You don’t have to be a mac insider to know how this story will end.

shad0w: 9to5mac pulled there story about new ipods.

inkhead: Why is anyone doubting this? Steve Jobs said on Stage in front of 10,000+ people that the NEXT iPods WOULD BE OS X based.

MScrip: Can you hold a touch iPod with one hand and navigate with your thumb? I love the click wheel, with a flick of your thumb you can scroll through hundreds of songs.

Every video I see of the iPhone, it looks like it takes 2 hands to scroll through your songs.

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