AT&T says “No more 300-page iPhone bills”

Andy.DThe exclusive carrier of Apple’s iPhone in the US has begun to send out text messages saying that it would stop itemizing Every. Single. Detail. on its customers’ iPhone bills. That is, unless they want it.[…] Thanks to Andy.D for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1401Diggs).

What other users say about this:

arcadehouse: No iPhone here , hope it never comes to India 🙂

samfellow: yeah who care !!!!!!

perfumeoilsplus: For the last few months AT&T has been running a campaign to get customers to save trees by putting a stop to their paper landline and cell phone bills. It’s the green/environmentally correct thing to do. However, many people still like to have paperwork. The online bills can be downloaded and printed – less use of paper all around, especially if you print back to back on 8-1/2 x 11 sheets. Then you can recycle your ink cartridges and save the planet just a little bit too.

pyrates: Maybe if they didn’t keep track of every kilobyte you download and upload, their data plans could be cheaper. But then they couldn’t charge by the kilobyte then. Decisions decisions.

fixedcoma: About damn time i start seeing only one article on the iphone a week on digg! before it was rediculous every f$%^ing article “Iphone iphone iphoneblah, blah , blah! Someone will come out with something that beats it anyway so wooooaahhhhh!

Schrocker: Yeh.. I got that text message today. They probably charged me for it too! The message said that the “detailed” billing would be available online. Doh. Welcome to the web AT&T. Just goes to show you the power of YouTube PPL! Love that! There’s not a single station on television that could cause that kind of uproar!

TitoBob: Chocolate Rain….
All they do is bitch, moan and complain…
Chocolate Rain….
300 pages made them go insane…
Chocolate Rain….
** I move away from my computer to breathe

DesuKN: If I was an AT&T costumer, I would elect to receive the full bill just to spite the idiots who believe this is about the environment.

daraman2000: tell them to submit the full bill!!!

then you can use the use the backsides of the sheets of paper as free printer/note paper!

professorChaos: how fucked up is this comment thing now where it is by number of diggs you have to look around for conversations and stuff

RoflMyWaffle: The environment thanks you AT&T

motorgrator: Fuck You, You Fucking Fuckers!!!!

tenyearsgone07: uhh so anybody think the 300 pg girl is kinda creepy? her eyes are huge and alien like, i couldn’t watch the vid for more than 15 seconds.

dimplemonkey: All this common sense is hurting my head!

webster: I seriously don’t get why this is an issue. Cingular/AT&T has been issuing itemized statements for years. Before I got my iPhone, I had my Windows-based phone checking my e-mail every 15 minutes on an unlimited GPRS plan, and that data was itemized as well. Sure, the paper bills are long — but who is dumb enough to get a paper bill? Not only is it a security risk having every number you’ve texted and called sitting in a mailbox somewhere, but it’s a waste of paper and nobody’s going to read it. Their website is great and sufficient, and it’s just hilarious that this only becomes an issue after everyone and their mother buys an iPhone. But hey, I applaud AT&T for reducing paper for those who don’t think about it.


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