How Apple can stop stolen iPods forever

mklopezIt happens all too often. You turn your back, and bam! Your iPod is gone. It’s been pinched. Jacked. Stolen. If you’re one of the victims of this gadget crime spree, how pissed off would you be if you discovered that Apple has the ability to report, disable, or at least help track these stolen goods?[…] Thanks to mklopez for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1165Diggs).

What other users say about this:

Nieriel: I went to my college gym. I put my sister’s mp3 player and my ipod in her backpack so we wouldn’t ruin them while swimming (;)). We change back into our clothes and go home. I open the backpack (which had stayed closed the entire time) and guess what? NO IPOD! We have searched our house, the couch, both cars, bathrooms, streets, the same locker… no ipod.
they unplugged the headphones and took my ipod, left my sister’s cruddy mp3 player, AND LEFT OUR 15 COUPONS FOR FREE VALUE MEALS ALONE!
I’m big, and I’ve even gotten my bathing suit stolen out of my locker when I went to swim, then put my bathing suit in the locker so I could excercise. Does having lojack mean GM is trying to make sure you only drive your car in the “acceptable” areas?! GOD NO! cellphones have them, cars have them. DOGS HAVE THEM; let ipod owners find what they spent their own money on.

kenwestin: GadgetTrak has software for this

jdizzle88: Although I agree it’s not Apple’s job to track and locate stolen ipods something must be done. Perhaps a lock internally so when you want to use it enter a password and when you are done lock it back up. Then it’ll render the ipod useless to thieves and thus prevent them from being stolen. Granted people lock them up.

spongebillyboi: amen! this is just yet another example of how people don’t wanna take any personal responsiblity for their actions. Grow up people! I’m a nurse and I’m held to VERY HIGH standards. Gee, ya think you can manage to hold on to your ipod. It’s pocketsize dammit!

mplumb: Ummm…the writer’s idea won’t exactly STOP any iPods from being stolen…they’d still get stolen, they just would be less useful to the thief. The owner would still be without their iPod.

mpeth: you realize the amount of bitching that would come of this because of apple tracking ipods and privacy issues etc.

zapatar: I can’t wait till Apple starts tracking/disabling stolen iPods, so can immediately go to my Apple Store, tell them this girl named Leslie Shapiro stole my iPod and may have registered it under her name.

r3mix: “If iPods are rendered useless when they’re stolen, then they would be no longer desirable to thieves.”

Not necessarily. Thieves dont need to attach the ipod back to a computer. They can just listen to whats on the ipod at the time the stole it. 30-80 GB of music will last for quite some time. When the battery runs out, just use the wall adapter to charge it back up.

supersnagg: It seems like if they just upped the security of the ScreenLock funtion, it could discourage theft, but then again people would have to enable this and get past the annoyance factor of entering a code each time.

If it were locked out, give the option to not allow a charge and not allow music management from any computer authorized or no.

A determined thief could still pop out the hard drive (nanos excluded) and just reformat i guess. Still seems incrementally better.

Skurt: Sorry to be off topic, however, my Satellite radio was stolen (Sirius) and even though they must activate it using the ESN number on the back, Sirius would not ‘brick’ the radio. So the person who stole it, will get a free radio! Sirius will only pursue if the police get a subpoena for the records, and the chances are, the police have better things to do than chase down someone who stole a $150 radio.
I had to give my name, address, account # Password, and ESN number of the radio and it obviously belongs to me and anyone else who tries to activate this device stole it, so why not ‘brick’ it?

Apple has the same framework, when the person who called Apple to notify them that they had found the nano and Apple contacted the owner and reunited the nano, they could do the same exact thing with a stolen iPod. Hey Serial number ### has been stolen, could you ‘brick’ my iPod and either give the police the information that the ‘new’ owner provided, or just ‘brick’ it for life unless you return it to Apple to have a chip replaced. Apple would make money on a new iPod and the old obsolete iPods that get ‘bricked’ would be out of circulation. Everyone wins!

well ‘cept for the guy who lost the iPod in the first place, but at least s/he has the satisfaction of ‘bricking’ the stolen iPod so the thief cannot use it anymore.

mikehill33: Same argument can be made with satellite radio. These things get unique EIDs, but if they get stolen, the sat rad companies have no way of disabling them? hogwash!

theprototype: What happens when an idiot loses his ipod, reports it stolen, and 2 days later finds it under all his old pizza boxes…

dienaked: Hopefully Apple will require police reports or something definitive as ‘proof’ the iPod was stolen, or else it will be a bunch of hormonal teenagers dis-abling the iPod of their no longer significant other.

theburningficus: Hey, my blender got stolen, why can’t I call Black & Decker to help me get it back? It has a serial number, right?

Hey, my car got stolen – let’s not call the police – lets blame General Motors for not building better anti-theft measures into my car.

And the more complex a device you make, the more people will mess with it and screw it up. If this writer (‘is my credit card still valid to buy songs?’ – what does that have to do with your *iPod*) thinks that iPods are hard to manage as is, what happens when you make it more complex to deter theft and lock yourself out of your own iPod?

Corinthos: Watch your shit.The thing is pocket size for god’s sake. Don’t flaunt it while your walking by yourself either. When i lived in Daytona my roommate got robbed three times walking from his apartment to his car. Got his cell phone and wallet stolen walking around 100 feet to his car. Three times in four months. I walked to work a mile and a half through the same part of town and never got messed with once. I was smaller than him and scrawny. I kept my ipod in my pocket at all times and just kept to my business. I think he was just giving people dirty looks or playing with his phone too much in front of them.


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