How To:Install Nintendo Games and Play With Tactile Feedback in Your iPhone

macpro2006Unlike the original version, the NES emulator for the iPhone works great now —except for the sound. There’s still one big problem: the lack of tactile feedback on the buttons. Natetrue, the creator of iBrickr, came up with an ingenious hardware patch: a transparent vinyl layer cut like the gamepad buttons. It seems silly, but it works….[…] Thanks to macpro2006 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 531Diggs).

What other users say about this:

Sevenduolux: Just pay IMMR to do it the correct way! Look at the Chairman of the Board for Immersion Corp. Then Google him. Check out his history. IMMR Should be in the Iphone VERY so. VibeTonz and TouchSense will be felt!!!

zwaldowski: Why is this not in the Apple section? That’s why I blocked it.

theurbaninja: hahahahaha, really… you have got to be kidding me. playing nintendo games on a touchscreen. seriously? good luck with that.

superjamie: Hahaha, all you fanboys went on and on about how good touchscreens are, now you’re going to buy an extension to get your tactile response back?

Maddox was right, iPhones really are lame.

cmysites: I’ll just wait until they make a hack to load Linux on the iphone, until then I’ll stick with a real gameboy.

Max … Out! – free online operating system

famousdave: I will buy a iphone the day they come out with Texas Holdem.

thoughttrain: If i only had an iPhone…..

hcaulfield: oh god, i thought the iphone stories were over for now………….buried for charging 600 bucks for a fucking piece of plastic that isnt even as good as my 100 dollar piece of plastic

dagamer34: Guys, GBA Micro is $60 bucks on eBay. Get that instead. Don’t toy with my precious Nintendo memories with silly hacks like this. Buried.

gamecast: burried until they get a working copy of bioshock on it.

StoneLox: …or you could use a gameboy

MalDON: iBrickr? Sounds safe to use…

purty707: i don’t have an iPhone.

drouk1556: I don’t own an iPhone so I don’t know how/if this would work, but remember those labyrinth mazes you could tilt to avoid holes and reach an “exit”? Can that be done on an iPhone?

Shiftgood: dugg for being the first iPhone story i actually think its pretty cool. good design.


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