September Apple Event To User In Mac OS X Based iPods

FregTKApple Inc. will use a media event next month to unveil a new breed of iPod digital music players that have been injected with the company’s most vital asset — the Mac OS.[…] Thanks to FregTK for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1021Diggs).

What other users say about this:

goleopards1: *usher

mpeters13: lulz. OS X is NOT the company’s most vital asset. Lay off the Trix silly rabbit.

Dylson: Its gonna be huge. Now bury me.

tomis: Buried because you couldn’t take the 2 seconds to read over your title and see that you forgot to type the h in Usher. Idiot.

lobbster: ffs i bought an 80 gig ipod 3 weeks ago

zorlok: This guy makes a pretty good argument that the leaked nano pics enforce the rumor of a touch-screen iPod.

gugin: I predict that one of the ipod’s will be a pico. It will look like a tampon and you stick it up your a$$. You won’t need headphones. Because your head is already up your a$$. It will cost $1000.

jhails: Its about time! I’m sick of hearing about the iPhone. The upgrades to the imacs were cosmetic. iLife who cares. Next OS upgrade still not here. Get the engineers working on the only thing that matters. New friggin iPods damn it!!!!

clackerd: only users lose drugs

antitab: I thought Apple’s most vital asset was its abundance of COOL.

alexra: ihope this is true

eridius: I’m always amused when I see something like “…, AppleInsider can confirm.” No they can’t. They’re not a reputable news site with confirmed sources, they’re a rumor site. When I see something on there, I tend to believe it’s false unless Apple actually announces it.

mos6507: Eventually they should just build a budget UMPC running fullblown OSX and retire both the iPod and iPhone.

inio: Here’s my completely unfounded predictions:

Event will be Sept 17.

“iPod” now is the iPhone minus the phone, and plus a HD. Two models: 40GB & 120GB. Both include 1~2GB flash for OS stuff, HD is just for music/videos (but the flash isn’t mentioned in the marketing). They include wifi. Probably drop the camera. Price points are $300, $400. If they keep the camera, add $50.

“iPod Mini” gets a bigger screen and UI redesign to make it look like it’s running OSX (though still actually running Pixo underneath).

“iPod Nano” – largely unchanged, maybe a slight price cut or size bump.

kidcodea: injected with da poison!


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