Another iPhone Lock Promised!

obeezyThe iPhone is getting used and abused this week as three unlock solutions have popped up this week. Uniquephones has now surprised with word that it will be offering a downloadable software unlock service between 12 and 2 EST tomorrow at[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 668Diggs).

What other users say about this:

mannyv: The US copyright office has an explicit DCMA exemption for efforts to unlock cellphones, so I’m not sure what legal basis AT&T has for sending a C&D.

However, they can just move offshore, and everything’ll beOK.

embraceware: Looks like it’s not happening:

phookyall: Is this submitter missing a right index finger?

Good for future iphone buyers!! Go T-MOBILE!!!!

MakinBacon: Since they don’t mind unlocking the iPhone… I hope they don’t mind us downloading their software for free via bittorent.

ismith: One (two?) word: BitTorrent. Yeah, you heard me. I ain’t got an iPhone yet but when I do, I’ll have my trusty iPhone unlocker for free.

HappyScrappy: Actually, I’m sorta surprised that it took this long.

They read out the firmware of the radio processor a bit back. This means they can see how the radio works.

And here’s the thing, the way you unlock the radio is to send it a code that is determined from the IMEI using a mathematical process. Only certain people (like Cingular themselves) are supposed to have this. But once you have the firmware from the radio, you can look at how it calculates the number (so it can compare it) and then make a program that generates the numbers to enter. Then you just figure out how to get the number to the radio processor (which is easy on the iPhone, as you can run code that accesses the radio) and you’re done.

So the short version: they should have it worked out so you download a program to the phone that takes your IMEI (and even perhaps determines it automatically) and makes up the right number to send to the baseband, and you’re unlocked.

ps2pers0n: the title and description contradict. also i predict a firmware update in… 3…2…

Spamcan: I’m not about to run out to the closest Apple store and plop down $500 on one just yet. If it’s still unlocked 2 or 3 months from now I’ll seriously be considering it though.

infernoskull: i know this is completely random, but i wonder how many gorillas actually screw sasquatches without even knowing it.

chubbybubba: I have a hard time believing this one. The NJ kid said the process of unlocking took 2 hours with pretty good soldering. A fully software only unlock this soon seems a little too much. Anyone know if this has been verified to work like the first one was?

obeezy: They are busting the iPhone wide open. Good for apple, bad for AT&T

Henron: I for one welcome our new iPhone unlocking overlords.

brianbb98: im in ur.. oh ifuck it.

alanrice38181: Shouldn’t the title read “Another iPhone Unlock Promised”. When I read it I thought Apple was going to release another lock over software update something to relock unlocked iPhones and add another layer of security to all of them.

ChrisXof: Final countdown to an Apple Software Update to wipe it all off has begun…


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