Are Mac users smug and arrogant?

pOwErBoOkErOne recurring meme that frequently gets trotted out on and other forums is that Mac users are smug and arrogant. Many Windows users claim also that Apple users love anything that comes out of Cupertino and would spend their last breath defending it. Is it true?[…] Thanks to pOwErBoOkEr for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 22Diggs).

What other users say about this:

obeezy: Only certain Mac users are smug and arrogant. The same can be said for PC users though.

OS2Guy: As a former OS/2 user who is now a dedicated Apple fanboi I had to endure years of personal attacks, threats, and harassment by Windows Lusers interloping into the world of OS/2. The nice thing about OSX/Mac/Apple is that it is a superior product produced by a superior company and swims circles around Microsoft. That’s a great feeling. 🙂

MacParrot: Certainly there are Mac users that go beyond the bounds of normalcy when defending their OS of choice. Many of them (myself included) have had to listen to years of “Oh, Apple? They’re going to go out of business any day now”, “Macs suck cuz there aint’ no good gamez on it”, or “Everyone uses Microsoft Windows”.

Add in
One-button mouse jokes
That no one in business uses it
Only Graphics Artists would want to use it
Impossible to use with MS Office
No cross-platform compatibility
Only noobs or people who don’t know how to use computers would want one
And other such nonsence.

You hear this stuff day after day mostly from people who either have never used one or hasn’t tried one since OS X was introduced and yeah, you start to feel a little punchy. I was one of those that went whole hog into a lot of forums and blasted Windows users with all the many falsehoods that exist for Windows as well.

I finally realized that Apple doesn’t need me to be a cheerleader for them. They have a great product that speaks for itself and frankly it was a waste of my time to search out this crap day after day. So I stopped talking about Windows and stopped making comparisons about the supposed benefits of using Macs over something else. You either get it or you don’t. If you don’t like Apple or their products well OK, it’s not written in stone that you have to and honestly I don’t care anymore now that Apple is no longer at death’s door.

I still tweak trolls in Apple posts though. It’s entertaining for me, I just don’t feel the need to slam another product to do so.

streak: Sacramento Macintosh Users Group. Yeah, those guys are super SMUG.
George Bush is arrogant.

vicorly: Mac users are NOT smug and / or arrogant. We’re just better than PC users.

andyakadum: I think anyone that using a non-MS OS is smug. And they deserve it.

cmilki: Does the author really think using Pope Benedict’s image would further improve Mac sales?


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