Does the glossy screen of the new iMac suck?

Mattman9876There’s a lot of buzz online about the glossy LCD screen on the new generation of iMacs, called the Aluminum iMac. Some people love it and some hate it. However, its new glossy screen may have a deeper meaning in Apple’s positioning for consumer, business and professional systems.[…] Thanks to Mattman9876 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 802Diggs).

What other users say about this:

seasparrow: Listen, it’s a 101 fact: Designers HATE glossy screens. They DO reflect insane amounts of ambient light like lamps, windows, even your own mug. It’s borderline useless for pros.

IMO, Apple’s decision to go with a glossy screen is a calculated one. This is a company who thinks of 50 different ways to soften a corner on an iPod. They know full well that designers will balk at the glossy-only iMac, and hence be forced to spend freaking 5k on a desktop model. What is that? It’s shameless, methodical marketing. Of course, I liken it to taking a wizz on their own loyal base to spur higher desktop sales. Nice, eh? At the end of the day it’s not about me, or you. It’s about stock-holder expectations being met. When desktop sales start slumping due to the iMac’s success, this is how marketers apply their strategic “creativity.”

So anyway, I don’t need a HUMMER-sized mac for web design and development. A matted screen option on a 24″ iMac would have been ideal , and they know this. Which is why they decided not to offer it. Case in point, 99% of people out there are using non-glossy screens. So why would I want to design on something they won’t be able to experience (glossy, saturated colors etc). Duhhh!!!

I’m bitter at Apple for a stunt like this because it deliberately leaves me no option but the most expensive one. Is it likely they thought this through? You can bet on it. They have the best of the best thinking for them. They don’t miss obvious stuff like this. And with that I simply say… L A M E.

chesss: Fact ofthe matter is that glossy is simply painful for the eyes

xcomapocalypse: The glossy screen is perfectly fine, I personally like the glossy screen – it’s so clean and the color is beautiful and most importantly….. accurate!

Those people who are complaining about the color accuracy and how different it is to the matte screens do not realise the simple fact that they have been wrongly conditioned into thinking matte screens actually display accurate color. The glossy screen will generate a much better approximation of any color than any matte monitor could.

Secondly If the reflection of yours truly is that ‘ugly’ and you cannot stand looking at yourself for long durations of time…..perhaps a matte monitor would be a better choice…… or a bag for your head with two eye-holes.

Or as a last resort Apple could start producing and selling polarizing glasses to remove the reflection entirely….. i-Specs!!!

I like it, it looks good…. and if it was such a bad idea, how come every other monitor manufacturer is following the trend and making glossy displays!

munchbach: Dugg by Mattman, or should we say Matte-Man?

satellytX: Yes. Only because the iMac sucks.

elf25: While I’ve not seen one IRL, with the glossy screen.. it kind of reminds me a Star Trek TNG console. (#1, Warp 5 on my mark, Engage.)

TheRealDeal: It’s all a matter of opinion.

But I love the new glossy screen. So, no, it does not suck!

lartones: Mac’s are slow anyways. My friend just bought a Macbook for 3 grand and it has a 2.33 intel CPU and 2 Gb of ram and I tell you that thing runs extremely slow. I was not impressed. I’d rather buy a PC notebook for $1,500 that runs faster and can still run both “major” OS’s and save the rest to put towards a TV.

kurtwinter: iMacs are off my shopping list, so I have to either buy Macbook Pro’s or MacPro, which is a shitty option due to its crapola Xeon roomheater / processor. See all you glossy fanboys at the eye doctor in a few years when you get occular degeneration from focusing on two things at once (image and reflection)!

chrism1128: Glossy is great in my CAVE. Every time I go to a big store and compare matte and glossy side by side, I always like the matte. I can’t stand the reflections.
If I were designing a home theater, I would go for glossy, because I could control the lighting. However, if you are in most other environments, say an office, outdoors, part of a home that has other people, you get stuck with that horrible glare.
I think that I (and probably a lot of other people) would be in those type of environments very often.

eponym: I would bet though that Apple’s just spinning the glass as glossy. And that it doesn’t have the coating macbooks do. And if this is the case, iMacs won’t have any more problems than the best CRTs for proofing colour (as far as reflection is concerned).

To insinuate that an iMac would be made glossy to deter Pros is silly. My first response to the soft proofing issue was “so? you can run a second display off the iMac that is more suitable for soft proofing.” And he also is totally over-touting any ability an LCD has for soft proofing. Any decent LCD that’s calibrated is suitable for soft proofing 90% of the time. After that you either need a multi-thousand dollar LCD, or use a CRT and even then still accept that on screen colour still isn’t totally reflective of ink on paper.

hanki: For many years after LCDs were released, people said that they weren’t acceptable because of the difference in dynamic range from CRTs. CRT with its glossy screens were the preferred monitor for color accuracy for professionals. The blacks were blacker, the whites were whiter and the colors were just juicier; which is what you now get with the new iMac. Well after years of sticking with CRTs, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Glare wasn’t the problem, though. What was the problem was that after 10+ hour days as a graphic artist, my eyes would be blurry puddles of goo from driving my monitors at high resolutions with CRTs low refresh rates(can you say flicker?). After an eye visit where my vision changed significantly from the previous visit, I realized that something had to change. It was then that I switched to a 22″ Cinema Display, and life was good again. The sharp text and lack of flicker made a world of difference, but there was a difference in dynamic range, so I didn’t trust the display for color accuracy. But I never trusted my CRTs for color accuracy either. Sure I calibrated my monitor to get it as close as possible, but I also had my calibrated NTSC monitor to check my work for television. So now I just bought a 24″ Glossy iMac for the house, which I will also be doing some “real work” on that I bring home from the office. I’m not one bit concerned about the glossy monitor being “less professional” or “less color accurate”, because I would never rely on ANY computer monitor for the final say anyway. That is what my NTSC monitor is for and if you are in print, then that is what your printer and PMS color swatches are for. Yes, I calibrate but only HACKS rely on their computer monitor for final color accuracy.

The new iMac is beautiful and glossy(and silent) which makes for an awesome computing experience. After dealing with my “wind tunnel” G4 for years, the silence and speed of the iMac is a blessing.

inkswamp: Not offering an alternative to the glossy screen was an awful decision. I’ve been using Macs since the early 90s, have owned several and I’ve loved every version of the iMac that Apple has produced (own the G4 “iLamp” too) but I loathe the glossy screen. This is one of the worst decisions Apple has ever made. I made this point repeatedly over on the MacRumors discussion forums where it was dismissed as crazy talk, but for those of us with less-than-perfect eyesight, any glare or reflection off the surface can cause eyestrain and splitting headaches after staring at it for too long. The change to matte LCD displays was a godsend for me. As much as I like Macs, this new iMac is off my list despite the fact that I will be in the market for a new machine early next year. I have no need to spend the extra on a PowerMac and the Mac Mini is too little power. Apple literally doesn’t have a computer for me right now. If Apple doesn’t offer an alternative by early next year, I may not be buying a Mac. That sucks.

FrankieAngels: I was at the opening day of the new Apple store in Glasgow (yes I am a bit of a fanboy!) and saw the new iMac “in the flesh” for the first time.

Anyone who has visited a store will know the stores are bright and very well lit but I had no problem with glare front on or from the side. The colours were stunning and very vibrant.

That said it might have been an idea to offer a choice as they do with the Macbook.

setrusko: I like the new gloss screens. The quality of the images look amazing.


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