Major Apple event on September 5th!

obeezyApple’s new line of iPods will indeed be introduced in September, in line with recent speculation and rumors. But contrary to the report provided by AppleInsider yesterday, the announcement will not be happening mid-to-late September.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1432Diggs).

What other users say about this:

GreenAlien: Hope they dump the keyboards on both the MacBook and the new standalone keyboards. They’re terrible. Played with both in the local Apple store today and just amazed how bad they are. Not even close to for example Vaio keyboards. And the new iMac screens are so glossy you see more behind you that what’s on the screen. And I dare say Apple will continue to put fixed batteries in all their upcoming iPods and spit in the face of every other maker of handheld devices (and customers that inevitably got bitten by dud batteries in the past). I’d love to buy a new iMac (but for the useless graphics card), a new iPhone, maybe even a new iPod (since the battery in mine gave up) but Apple always have to go and do some retarded design-over-function that everyone else gets right.

Nyukin: If they start shipping late September or early October, and I purchased an iPod for $200 with the student discount, can I trade it for the new ones as per the three week rule?

todcreative: September 5th is the last day of IFA here in berlin. Apple’s been rumored to be there. Anyone want to hook me up with a press pass?

Dylson: Its gonna be awesome.

wayback09: The 3G iPhone for Europe that was rumored two months ago. Where is it?

NeoRicen: I’m skeptical of course but it’s hard to be considering all the iMac stuff (even the date) was predicted about this long before the even as well.

johney5: im putting my money on the 21st, its the first tuesday after the buy a mac get 200 off an ipod deal is over.

Kugo: Nothing’s been announced. Don’t get your panties in a wedge.

lunchbox170: Fuck I just bought a iPod Video, I wonder if it is too late to return it?

mmilian: Let’s hope we see one of these:

ethicka: There’s no way it’ll come out Sept 5 because they’re dumping their iPod stock on college kids (the buy a mac get a free nano deal isn’t up until 9/16).

TdiFFRob6876: I wonder what the Zune will look like once the new iPod line is released.

EerFoolWVU: I can’t believe I’m the only one that thought of the Texas quarterback when I read this!

WolfDV: I want just want a new nano with 16 or 32gb of flash mem in the current form factor (not that rumored fat-nano)

blup3ace: does anyone have the leaked pictures of the new nano?
most were taken down.


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