More Fat Nano™ Rumors: It’s Getting Interesting

webtechSo today we’re hearing more rumors swirling around the Interwebs about the forthcoming Fat iPod Nano™, and this thing’s shaping up to be interesting. We already know it exists, as both Gizmodo and CrunchGear have received Cease & Desist orders from Apple’s legal team for showing leaked photos.[…] Thanks to webtech for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1136Diggs).

What other users say about this:

jdizzle88: Apple pwns no doubt. The fat ipod seems way chill.

ghostdogg: iChunk

iChainsaw: maybe apple is fucking with us.

iChainsaw: hey guys, i dug up this:

its what some of the people were told to take down.

BrianEnigma: I thought that the point of the Nano was that it fits in that unexplainable “coin pocket” in your jeans. Do people actually use that pocket for anything else? If the Nano gets fat, what are we supposed to use that pocket for?

ORD2FRA: I was at Costco today and all of the iPods have been pulled… normally they have a pallet of iPods out for sale, but now nothing. It can’t be that the back to school rush emptied Costco of all ipods! This is in Chicago BTW.

4eyez: Hey dumbasses: Yes, it’s fake. Fake, fake, fake. How do I know? Cuz I made it. We even say so in a previous artilce:

We never claimed it was a real image, so settle down with the photoshop stuff. I made this is about 5 minutes, so there. 🙂

adammharvey: its not interesting its just plain dumb

fhornplayer: Anyone else thinks it just looks like an ugly squished video ipod?


ok thats all i wanted to say. proceed to dig down

SnappingTwig: It looks funny, I’m waiting for my 6th Gen iPod.

creator123: the NANO project is #1 in Russia!

mrfreeziexp: you guys are falling right into apples trap. Making Gizmodo get rid of those photos was such a smart idea, and it’s worked brilliantly. That “fat” nano is not real and it’s not Apple’s next nano.

turbovince: It looks quite used for a NEW nano. Buried.

shaunj66: Buried for the pointless use of TM in the title.


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