A Fantastic 6G iPod ‘Touch’ Concept Design // pic

sepulturaWhat do you guys think of this concept design? It’s kind of a mix between the new iMac and the iPhone, I like it even though it looks a little too wide.[…] Thanks to sepultura for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1250Diggs).

What other users say about this:

tdogzthmn: im an industrial designer and I would not build that, and im sure apple would pass on that design as well.

tacotruck08: AWESOME

pokemonfan4eva: Fantastic!?! It looks like the Zune and the iPhone made a child that was shipped from a factory China.

mlivebc: I just saw this today and I posted my idea for the next Gen iPod on thinkspotting yesterday. Obviously it has been requested that the next Gen iPods should have iPhone technology in it but the design of the iPhone and it’s technology in smaller form would be the best. Check out and vote for my idea here: http://thinkspotting.com/entrytype1_des.php?entry_id=279

blacklilyninja: i would love it to have a wifi/net browser capability…. its not like it cant happen

Martin7970: apple is selling a lifestyle and trend, not a product. fuck them, i do what i want.

SystemError: it is a fat square iphone!!

tyler0is0sexy: you are all getting your hopes up for nothing, the 6g iPods DO NOT have a touch screen

zoomx2: If by “fantastic,” you mean “ugly and uncomfortable as hell,” then yes. Yes, it is fantastic.

JuliusErving: It’s too big. I say keep the current form factor of the iPod, just make the screen cover the whole front and use it horizontally. Add touch features for the scroll wheel on screen.

boreddork19: why would apple screw us out of the original ipod concept with this shit i much prefer the other concepts that are out the on the internet the iphone but with the click wheel it looks a lot nicer anyway

sdubois92: burried because Bon Jovi sucks

SkySeven: Here’s a front view I found..


joltjake: The design is good, a hell of a lot better than that chubby bitch of a new nano design.

anchorman: Bon Podi


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