Apple Seeds Mac OS X Leopard (9A527/9A528a)

Me1000Apple appears to be accelerating seeds of Mac OS X Leopard to developers. After only 5 days since the last seed (9A500n), Apple has issued a new version of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to developers.The latest seed is listed at build 9A527 (client) and 9A528a (server), and reportedly list a number of …[…] Thanks to Me1000 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1105Diggs).

What other users say about this:

anarchy99: anyone know what torrent tracker has this?

danny951: Please all keep in mind that this is unreleased software.

plagiats: that pink/purple wallpaper really looks too feminine for me.

mediaphile: Is this worth torrenting and installing at this point? Will I be able to keep all my current apps?

Greatn3ss: *Sigh*
I give up, Windows sucks.

rampancy: The music for the intro video ( is the same from the Tiger intro video (Bytecry, by Weevil, from the album “Drunk on Light”, which took me forever to find in Toronto). I hope they’ll change it to something different (since there’s always been a new song since 10.2).

johnny222: disregard this

johnny222: New video demo with new features:

sirius2k3: no Dashboard in the System Preferences…
whats up with that?

daGUY: I like how they updated all the System Preferences icons. The Appearance, Desktop & Screensaver, and Dock icons now match how they look in Leopard, and they also updated the Displays and Keyboard & Mouse icons to match the latest iterations of the hardware. They jazzed up some of the other ones too (Bluetooth, Speech).

This is the attention to detail that Microsoft just doesn’t get…Vista still has the font installation dialog from Windows 3.1!

Sprules04: I like how Safari no longer has the brushed metal. Took them long enough.

BlueStarr: New MacBook + Leopard= happy boy!

drakhoan: the new stop lights are way better as well

astrosmash: Wow, they’ve really gone out of their way to remove every single pinstripe from the UI.

And the System Preferences keyboard icon no longer has the Apple logo, to match the new iMac keyboard.

MaoSayWhat: Nice! Can’t wait until Leopard finally comes out…


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