Know Your Rights: Is it illegal to unlock my iPhone?

monarchista“We thought today would be, well, fitting to start our new technology law series Know Your Rights, written by Engadget’s own totally punk copyright attorney Nilay Patel. In it we’ll try to answer some fundamental tech-law questions to help you stay out of trouble in this brave new world.”[…] Thanks to monarchista for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1303Diggs).

What other users say about this:

HairyPoter: let’s show Apple we want our iphones free!*/product/2357960 …

workfromhome321: Cool!

elementfire: Short answer: No! But you can get sued any of the billion other ways.

Great, what a waste of time.

Silthrim: No, it’s not illegal.

caponumen: Make no doubt about it is a felony to unlock these phones and sell them.
Furthermore if the practice (individuals not reselling) spreads you can bet AT&T WILL exercise their right to block other carriers from providing service to the devices and they will comply.

Palaceguard: Next time, filter out apple news

zigman91090: I’d like my 5 min. back please.

Chandon: Why would anyone even want an iPhone? It’s pretty good compared to the other phones available at retail in the USA, but it’s well behind the phones that are standard in the rest of the world. If you want to own your own phone, buy something like this:

Evildudetx: Apple: Sad, sad, people, fucking over one consumer at a time.

Empyrean: Well, Apples a bit better at listening to their customers, more so than other companies I think, maybe they’ll take notice of this trend and smarten up a little bit…and if not, well, hack that shit and show them whos boss.

nitrojunky24: I don’t see the big deal Apple flat stupid for not releasing it only with ATT or just sell it unlocked and sell gsm and a CDMA version. there no real reason form apple side to sell the phone locked.

troyallen069: iPhone iPhone iPhone on the brain.

SirZRX: i dun care in my country ur laws are useless

raynard7: Just note that the legality of unlocking a phone depends on the country that you are in. Australia for example it is not illegal to unlock any phones becuase you own it – and have an installment contract to purchase it – but unlocking may violate your contracts – other countries there are stiff penalties for breaking encryption on a product such as this

nycmac247: Unlocking will not provide the iPhone voicemail that is one of its best features…


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