Uniquephones’s iPhone unlock release ‘slowed’ by AT&T lawyers

genericwhiteguySeems AT&T is a bit annoyed at the idea. A middle of the night phone call from a Silicon Valley law firm is slowing down the release of the software to you.[…] Thanks to genericwhiteguy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 689Diggs).

What other users say about this:

buckles: Just to clarify this. This company claims to have a highly marketable software product, complex and specialist. To sell this product they’ve taken the unusual approach of setting up a lame website and blog for a week saying how great their software is, what time it will be on sale and asking for everyone who might want said product to hand over their email and phone details. Then, just before the non existent software is due to be released a quick change of heart happens due to some late night phonecall from at&t, the details of which are sketchy at best…..

What next? 500 diggs for a ‘free ipod’ website…..

mono: I don’t know about the reputability of this company or solution, but folks attempting to make money off an iPhone hack will likely be crushed by corporate lawyers. The point will be moot, however because freely available tools to unlock your iPhone will be out in short order. We have a nation of 14-20 year old hackers working 24/7!

shuster420: Apple Inc was founded on ill gotten gains from selling the Blue Box phone hack to students at Cal Berkley. Apple is hardly in a position to take the moral high ground on this one.


backspin: I wonder if Steve saw this coming. Being a geek himself, he must have known the device would be a mere toy in the hands of other geeks. Will AT&T’s legal costs grow to such a level that they dwarf the profits made by the very device they are trying to protect? Either way Apple loses nothing and gains everything. Very shrewd.

Volotel: To all those people defending the exclusivity deal, how would you feel if after buying your computer you were told you could only use Comcast as an ISP? Would you not be in favor of choice?

tilezzzzz: I was really looking forward to release day.

However I saw this one coming a mile off! And they should have too! , Anyone who makes this kinda software and then waits even a day to release it after annoyncing it is pretty daft if they dont expect a phone call from the lawers. Lets hope they get legal advice in their favour, and release the software.

pepsiaddict: You’d think they’d be happy that the software is being offered at a cost. It’s certainly legal for them to offer the software for free via the DMCA – If at&t threatens their ability to sell the software, they will certainly release it for free, which would be much more trouble for at&t.

peestandingup: Make no mistake about it. These guys have been FULL OF SHIT since day one. A couple weeks after iPhone’s release, they claimed to be able to unlock “some” iPhone & not others. And now this crap. All the while, not providing one SINGLE shred of proof.

nomasteryoda: Jeez guys, A phone that you buy is not their phone. This is not a software package its a phone. If you want something open and hackable, then get an OpenMoko and a Provider that allows you to hack the phone to suit your needs. You are the consumer and the one with the power to tell at&t to where to go…. DON’T buy into their crap!.. Pretty phone, sure. Locked down is not how we treat customers. We are not thieves and should never be treated as such.

Customers who see the opening and leave… . Verizon locks the phones YOU PAY FOR … i.e. Verizon’s KRAZR does not allow bluetooth transfer files….Why? Because Verizon wants you to buy their music and Verizon is scared shitless of the RIAA… What do you do? Leave to a real service that cares(ed) about your rights…. Sprint and a Samsung phone…works(ed) for me!

sistaweotch: At least one kid in the US has already unlocked his. Took some physical hacking as well as software, however. (From Digg video section.)


JoeLeo: AT&T doesn’t manufacture the iPhone.

As we all know, unlocking locked cell phones is 100% legal.

Purchasing a iPhone is a hardware purchase – not a software license.

This is why we are in need of both wireless network neutrality as well as Internet network neutrality.

dizavin: this is ridiculous. why would you even want to unlock an iphone? what makes it so desirable IS the features that come with the plan and service they offer. once you “unlock” the phone, no matter what way you slice it, you will lose functionality. and then the phone looses value to the user.

it boils down to status. people don’t want the iphone because of all it can do… people want the iphone because its “cool” and it will impress their friends and people on the street that they don’t even know. and they want to do that without spending as much money as they can. and leave the people who busted their asses night and day to make this thing possible, left holding the bag.

this piece of technology is brilliant and the people who made this are geniuses, by no stretch of the imagination. and if they want to charge a little bit to make their efforts worthwhile? well fuck, that’s up to them and they can do it if you want. it’s THEIR phone. not yours. if you think it’s too much to ask, then by all means: make your own damn touchscreen cellphone.

stop talking like Apple and AT&T are some kind of totalitarian oppressors, stealing you blind. if you want a cheap phone, get a Pay-As-You-Go Motarola on whatever local network is available and shut the ass up.

meig: I’m surprised no one else has thought of this. Isn’t it possible these guys just used George Hotz’s (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20424880/) method then gave that phone to Engadget? He posted all the directions on his blog.

invasi0n: Why you are only blaming AT&T? Why don’t you also blame APPLE because they didn’t make a phone and simply SELL IT like all those computers they make?

Tobark: Fuck ATnT . Thier service sucks. If it wasent for the I would not have returned my iPhone


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