Dictionary.app has everything… (pic)

hookshotzzQuite a thorough dictionary….[…] Thanks to hookshotzz for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 2105Diggs).

What other users say about this:

JudeMaverick: That is awesome! It knows rare swear words!

hotani: Fry: Whuh, you went without me?
Bender: You were looking up curse words in the dictionary. It seemed a better use of your time.

ZoeBee: For anyone who’s curious, the Apple dictionary program also defines shit-eating, shit-faced, shit-kicking and shit-sacred. Useful!

Mac2492: The dictionaries are contained in the “Library/Dictionaries” folder. By default, the New Oxford American Dictionary and Oxford American Writers Thesaurus are installed. I assume there’s some way to get more.

8BitGaming: urban dictionary?

lukemandese: I think apple should have called there dictionary app “iDic”

slor90210: I just tried it and it took me to this: http://www.typicalmacintoshuser.com/

litheon: Seriously, this isn’t news.

heathuff23: wow…this is hilarious!!!…..If I was 7

j1337: Another relevant link brought to you by digg dot com….

vamos: I couldn’t find the definition of “moose knuckle” in there.

blup3ace: matches steve jobs…

neutrino15: dictionary.app uses the Oxford American Dictionaries.

blacklint: So that’s why there are parental controls for the dictionary in OS X…

speaker219: http://wordweb.info/free/
Windows dictionary.app-like program.


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