Leopard Introductory Movie Leaked

Chris24The Leopard Introductory video has been leaked onto the web![…] Thanks to Chris24 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1585Diggs).

What other users say about this:

enjourni: Ok, who has a backup copy? Because Youtube pulled down the video (curses! Foiled by Apple Legal again!)

firewall1: Movie doesn’t load on my machine…thanks vista!

Schrocker: Fake. Lame. Buried. You could have at least changed the music to something new. Dead giveaway.

echolyean: How do we know that’s the real deal? Anyone could have made that.

bball2: Possibly the lamest thing that’s gotten over 1000 diggs in a quite a while

nightmare1228: My favorite part is how I learned to say hello is so many different languages in such a short amount of time.

Zezza: Not much difference from all the other ones

Sawta: I believe that the OS X intro was more impressive in comparision to this one, however, I supose change is a good thing.

jdsmith19: At least you could install a version of OS X this weekend if you wanted to.

ichatter231: Wow. How exciting.

I’m not _that_ obsessed with Mac OS X.

xatx2: weak

jdsmith19: On behalf of Mac users–I apologize that we add a 30 second video to the beginning of our installation. Unfortunately we need to pad some time into the installation for Switchers who may feel uncomfortable when their OS installation or upgrade only takes 20 minutes.

Rekzai: zzzzzzzzzzzz

jdsmith19: In reply to Radan and the difference between Windows and Mac OS X – Ummm… Windows most definitely does not boot you straight into a command-line prompt when you install. Even when you do get a command prompt in Windows, it is a sad, watered-down version of what once was a powerful command line interface. After you watch your 30-second video welcoming you to the operating system and demonstrating what the developer capabilities are on your Mac (as opposed to the bulleted list of capabilities you will find during your Windows installation) feel free to press Shift-Command-“U” to open up your utilities folder and launch Terminal. Have fun interacting with your fully-featured Unix command prompt.

actorboy: Ok, here come the digg down, but I’m not a big fan of the star thing they have going on. I thought it made the screenshots of TimeMachine look cheesy and now it’s doing the same thing for me here. Kind of reminds me of those low-end web pages people used to make thinking they absolutely had to have a background to make it look cool.


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