Retro MacOS Theme for WordPress – In Full 1-Bit Glory!

ilkeryoldasNothing like a spot of retro, chunky-grade pixellated graphics to evoke some serious nostalgia, eh?[…] Thanks to ilkeryoldas for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1026Diggs).

What other users say about this:

bagofice: how do you use his theme??

andreusboy: This gives me a headache…

somody: Fails on Firefox.

akkdio: me like

Cykaos: Lets all make word press themes that look really really old. I am going to make a wordpress theme with scrolling java marquees, blink tags, bad gif images and frames!!!!

bbelau: Oh awesome, it even has Moof the Dogcow!! Yes, besides the much-loved Multifinder, does anybody else remember Minifinder? God, if an OS could launch that quick in 2007!

skunkman62: teh ghey

NoNamesLeft: Wow, that site made my screen go rainbow colours… I hope to never see it again, ever.

inlove: Wow, that’s some GUI.

revsd5: Well done

bouche: remember when this was dugg to the front page yesterday?

lidong: Don’t you think it’s a bit harsh to the eye..
Contrast too high

americajones: It does need the Chicago font.

This was before “MacOS,” this is “System 6.” At the time many people weren’t sure whether Macintosh was a company or a product, or quite where Apple fit in, since many people weren’t sure whether Apple was a company or a product.

Does anybody remember what Macinosh was like before MultiFinder?

Or when clicking the mouse meant the whole operating system came to a halt until the mousebutton was released?

KAZVorpal: Now someone needs to make a PC DOS 1.0 theme…

exipolar: The smooth font kinda makes my mind melt


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