Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

fcukThe latest builds of Leopard are showing further signs of Apple phasing out the Aqua user interface that has been the mainstay of the OS X interface since 10.0 for something more futuristic. Rest in peace Aqua. Hello outer space.[…] Thanks to fcuk for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 934Diggs).

What other users say about this:

JeffS: Incremental backups and a star field background. Where’s my tent? I am going to line up for this right now. 10.5 is going to be incredible!

purdo: We are talking about a desktop wallpaper here aren’t we? Or have I missed something?

mrBitch: double post – digg won’t let me delete it – sorry…

mrBitch: actually anyone who equates Time Machine to ” Just another backup utility ” doesn’t get what Time Machine is all about – it’s not about ” another backup utility “… Time Machine is more like a SubVersion Version Control on EVERY SINGLE DATA FILE on your computer.

It’s less about backup and more about version control.

The power of version control built into your OS will blow your socks off – when you actually need to use it.

DonCarcharo: Leopard finally seems to be shaping up into a decent release. That said, since I haven’t actually tested it yet, have either of the following issues been addressed?

1. Merging files in the Finder. Vista does this especially well but the Mac OS just replaces folders and their content and doesn’t merge anything. As someone who deals with huge amounts of files (I manage 60 websites plus all my personal files and photos) this is very annoying.

2. Writing to FTP shares in the Finder. It’s not a huge issue but annoying nonetheless and it seems that any modern OS should be able to do this.

diggymow: Time Machine isn’t really useful and is just jazzed up by cheap effects. There are some great things about 10.5, but I don’t get all the attention on Time Machine.


digitallysick: i hope the new dock will get rid of the square bar at the bottom, the rip off of the sun 3d desktop bottom bar. Please?

Dotdotdot: Will TimeMachine even work with Apple’s most popular and widely used laptop line?
It seems like it requires an external HD even though it could just bring up the files on the HD that, as we all know, are never truly deleted.

klaupacius: Who cares, it’s a wallpaper and some visuals. It’s not gonna be a tacky space theme. I do love the stars though ha 🙂 Just not too much purple.

pHr34kY: Oh god, and the OpenOffice port to Aqua is still in the Alpha phase. It’d be obsolete by the time they get it out!

xxdesmus: Gee…someone has drank the Apple fanboy kool-aid. Wake up, Apple is just as capable of creating crap as Microsoft. Leopard offers nothing impressive, just like Vista. It’s a crappy year (or two) for OS releases…get over it.

HanSolo69: so…anything to back this up besides worthless opinion and one non-point video clip that featured no sort of interface preview of any sort?

Damien79: care factor= 0

skinturtle: You know what Digg users (besides me) are? IDIOTS!!
The features in Leopard are awesome. The little stack feature is great. I see a ton of detail to help keep things organized. Plus it looks great!

However all you guy do is sit there and lick the naked statue of Bill Gates you erected on the nads and pat his head saying, “That’s alright Bill..don’t worry bout it..”

After which you take a couple sucks on you retainers (dorks)..and finish by saying, “We’ll go on DIGG and show them!”

You’re freaks!!


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