Uncle Walt says the new iMac rocks Vista

havaslash“My iMac scored a 5.0, the best score of any consumer Vista machine I have tested.”[…] Thanks to havaslash for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 18Diggs).

What other users say about this:

ShinRaTDR: God this is so stupid. I own lots of macs, and I really like them, but seriously, just use the fucking computer and shut up. Stop trying to prove that its some super machine, or its better than a high end PC for tasks a high end PC was built to do, or any of this other shit. Apple’s strong suits are their designs and the Mac OS, which is good enough for me, but apparently some people aren’t content with that, and have to constantly be trying to prove something to a group of imaginary people.

geoken: How is a $2,300 machine hitting 5 in Vista’s performance rating supposed to be impressive?

This is exactly why this guy has no credibility. He’s comparing the $600 Gateway’s he’s testing to $2,300 computers.

falloutsyndrome: I was remarking on how it doesn’t make sense that it’s so “amazing” that it gets a 5.0 macs aren’t exactly bad machines. They aren’t expensive for their looks alone.

Damien79: What is there to be confused about? your system can run vista as it was designed. A shitload of RAM helps obviously.
Were you expecting a 2 rating? or 5.9?

devjt2: Im confused too. I have a one year old system; C2D 6400, 7900 GT, 4GB RAM, and vista also reports a 5.0.

falloutsyndrome: I’m slightly confused. I have a 2 year old system, x850 ati, 4gb ram and an fx-55, two raptors, anyway vista reports a 5.0 for me as well. o.O

LeeVal: Uncle Walt has become very biased over the years


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