Mac OS/OS X Welcome Movies Through the Ages

webtechThere you are, folks. That’s the OS X Leopard welcome movie that you’ll be watching in the next few weeks once Leopard is launched. The new OS is sure to cure cancer, AIDS, and IBS, so you might as well go buy an iMac right now[…] Thanks to webtech for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 934Diggs).

What other users say about this:

gasin: They are all soooooo hot. I think I am gonna wack off…

benmcg: They’re all beautiful.

jasoncrowther: Cures IBS, eh? geez, I’ll be upgrading on release day!

seraph582: This is not cool – in fact, this is a pretty lame article. Nobody wants to see this shit.


jtylko: ahh what is the song from the panther one that didnt make it?

naj0rt: Takes me back to the days when I was a junior apple technician. I was forced to watch it every single time I did a ram installation and now it just sends a shiver down my spine. Oh well.

kendallwi: NeXT/OPENSTEP didn’t have movie intros but they were definitely where the Welcome idea began.

specialK16: “The new OS is sure to cure cancer, AIDS, and IBS, so you might as well go buy an iMac right now”

astrosmash: One more. The demo video that comes with Mac OS 8:

astrosmash: Missed the coolest one: the OS X 10.0/10.1/10.2 intro, “Aqua”.

So, to recap the themes:
10.0: Aqua
10.3: Speed
10.4: Spotlight
10.5: Time Machine
10.6: ???

colincornaby: Why do people assume this will be the final movie? It’s a beta operating system. Apple is known to change the intro movie several times before final release…

razorpit: What’s all that gibberish after the first “Welcome”?

Dylson: It’s going to be better than Vista.

Luigi239: Things like this are what separates Apple from all the other computer manufacturers…the small attention to detail. When you install OS X or get a new computer, this is the first thing you see. It really makes you feel like you bought something high end, unlike a generic setup assistant, and welcome screen. Same with the packaging. With Apple, you get a nice, high end box, that most people will probably want to keep, as opposed to the crappy brown cardboard one from dell with logos all over it.


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