“Microsoft’s new iPhone”? BIG Newspaper mistake!

digxIf you look at the first paragraph in this link, the story goes: “HACKERS have unlocked Microsoft’s new iPhone, allowing it to be used by any network.”All I have to say is, good game.[…] Thanks to digx for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1523Diggs).

What other users say about this:

brotherfranciz: Hmm, it’s been three days now, but they still haven’t edited it…

rmeddy: I thought it was microsoft’s Jphone.

JudeMaverick: That is hilarious!

penguincentral: Yay! Nice to see an Australian website make a Digg front page 🙂

But, it looks like this guy has had his head in the sand for the last three months!

arctic: Funny how Australian newspapers are following a phone that isn’t even in their country.

idc5: “some of my friends think i wasted my summer but i think it was worth it” not my idea of a fun summer..

Enisity: hahah now the article is gone…

antforce: They should’ve ran a YahooGoogle search first.

andrewcsayer: This newspaper is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. The same multi-national that owns FOX in the USA. The Herald Sun calls itself Melbourne’s “leading” daily newspaper. Very poor form.

zzia10: omfg so huge how dare those bastards mistake microsoft for apple

hmunkey: Haha, they deleted the article.

BrettTheUser: OMG Send it Jay Leno so the world will know!

But seriously, could that kid be any uglier?

phamtasm: This is news? Oh right, on Digg it’s news.

Thex1138: Apply Now

ChiTownHero: omg guys someone used one word instead of another!?! Shoot them in their shoes!!! What a fool, what a fool….

Really, does this need to be in the top 10? I mean come on, its one word. And its better marketing for Apple anyways. Now people like the writer who don’t know the difference between Apple and Microsoft will say “Hey Microsoft’s iPhone sucks, I hear Apples got one of those iPhones anyways, lets go get that one.”


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