Native iPhone IM client *and* native iPhone IRC client released

SillyMammaBig news today on the iPhone development front. This morning brings the release of both a native instant messaging client and a native IRC client.[…] Thanks to SillyMamma for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1048Diggs).

What other users say about this:

aberkman: there’s tons of iphone-hacking related stuff on, for example, check this out :

dugR: finally a Native American IM client for the iphone.

pogitalonx: Hey guys this is Chris (aka pogi, author of iRCm). I just also wanted to thank you for the support and if you want to help Arminius and I please come to #iphone-uikit on We’re always looking for suggestions and comments so come chat! Thanks again and keep on the lookout for new features coming soon!


FiP0: I think Digg *needs* an iPhone section. Most news to hit the front page talk about that phone. 🙂

sketchstudios: anyone know once its installed how to connect it to AIM and MSN and Yahoo servers?

pepsiaddict: When I heard it was being released as version -1, I laughed at how odd that seemed. Then I ran the app on my iPhone. It should be version -100. This really should still be in the Alpha stages.

Icebird: I’ve tried it and it’s super buggy. I wouldn’t suggest running it. It worked for me for about 5 minutes, and I was able to chat with myself from my Macbook, but then my iPhone went to sleep, and then the program crashed and I had to restart the iPhone. After that, I was never able to sign in to my AIM account from ApolloIM either. It just freezes and takes about a minute for the program to crash and return to the home screen. The interface looked nice though when it was working, and the chat screen wasn’t that bad. You could switch between conversations pretty easily, but I don’t think they have a good way of seeing when a new IM window comes up or if a new message from another conversation comes up yet.
Not bad to start with though.

Veni_Vidi_Vici: “Apollo IM just entered Version Negative 1, an early beta release.”

I realize its an early beta, but seriously, what development team has so little self-confidence that they have negative software versions?


bleonard: anyone using the aim client “apolloim” yet and want to comment on it?

Blabster: Is there any tutorial that shows how to get these apps on the iphone? like a beginner’s guide?

jameelj: you can connect to aim through irc, thats what i do with my smartphone, just connect to and set up an account

Complexium: Don’t want to sound like a partypooper, but who the hell wants to chat on IRC with an on-screen keyboard? (cons/pros)
Still great that people develop stuff for the phone and shows Apple that pushing third party away was stupid.

hlcno: irc omgz!!!!!!!!!!!!

pengas: Nice work. This app is still not effective as you need to have it launched to use it.
If u get a call, need to surf the web or do anything else the session is terminated.

If that is the case I rather text or call who ever I need to stay in touch with.


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