No Good Cheating Girlfriend’s iPhone For Sale

obeezyAccording to Paul, he bought his girlfriend an 8GB iPhone because she wanted one. He then found out she was cheating on him with a guy from church and now he is selling her iPhone.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 2323Diggs).

What other users say about this:

PimpMoneyRich: NSFW…WTF thanx for the warning!

LeeSoong: Apparently, She ‘Thought Different’.

blizzardice: He givith and he taketh away.

SD70MACMAN: Fancy that, I got my ex-GF a Zune and she cheated on me a week later w/ a friend from her church. Well, to be fair, the guy converted her THEN she cheated on me. At least this guy got his electronic device back. The church part does make it worth the digg. AHH THE IRONY!

Narien: is that actually her in the picture??

jlebrech: I’d just give it to a hooker. for free, and no services taken.

Just let the hooker know what its for. Maybe take a video of her unwrapping it. Record it onto video.

Send video to ex-gf.

ericatdigg: Nice PIC!!
Yea, my wife works at a church ( and her name is Angela ( and she was sleeping with some guy named Bryan Mullins ( while I was in Iraq. They refused to even talk to me about it.

Church rules!. 🙂 LOL. I wish somebody would buy me an iPhone. Anyone?????

kryptman40k: nice NSFW picture.
no facts.
no real information.
basically a blog post.

SwK386: looks like its SFW to me… the iphone is covering the naughty bits

SBeckstrand: i dont know who the jokes on in this one :/

Quakee: Cheating with a guy from church. Another notch on the Christians’ “religioun gives us morality” belt.

otto989: lol dugg for “reception is good in hell, as that is where AT&T is based”

neverumind: Keep the phone, sell the girlfriend. Might I be so bold as to start the bidding at $1.00.

turnlikeawheel: Put the iPhone up against an ass like that and you know what?

The iPhone ain’t that sexy after all.

whencowsattack: Can I haz mirror plz


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