$100,000 offered to freely release iPhone unlocking software

watchluxusHey, that’s what they claim: $100,000 in cold hard cash for the right to freely distribute the iPhone unlocking software onto the Nets. Full credit given to the creator(s) of course with a proposed release date of Wed night at 12:00am (in some unspecified time zone).[…] Thanks to watchluxus for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1173Diggs).

What other users say about this:

Codee: LOL.
Someone is trying to sucker developers. “I must confirm that it works. OK”……. Bit Torrent. The end.
Gotta’ love the iPhone.

m00gg: Did anyone catch this: “Of course, anyone can launch a Blogspot site announcing pretty much anything they’d like. ” Click the link. I just about fell off my chair, pissed my pants, a tripped over the dogg all at the same time!

STx1900: Any article with iPhone in the title automatically makes the front page.

Scheissen: I hate how our legal system will end up using time to fight this stupid battle for the companies.

Import98: I guess for the UK this may be useful until Apple just releases the phone there (Would laugh if they added a couple of extras and idiots paid thousands to get one early). In my area (Central NJ) TMobile sucks as much as Sprint, but less then AT&T so I don’t see anyone switching to TMobile to get an iPhone.

I’m stuck with Verizon until April then will probably see where the iPhone is by then and decide to switch to AT&T. Sucks that Verizon passed on the iPhone giving it to AT&T. Verizon is content with sticking with shitty, dated phones I guess.

dignon: Where’s DVD-Jon, freeing us from the shackles of anti-consumer corporations and legislation by releasing the unlock for the betterment of all? What’s with all this talk of money? Are we all truly so driven by money and greed that nobody will step forward and do the right thing? Where have all the real hackers gone?!?

lcmatt: I would be more than happy to pay £30-40 for the software so when it comes out over here I can setup a stall the day the phone comes out and offer an unlocking service (Its perfectly legal to unlock and offer the service of unlocking phones in the UK).

£5-10 per unlock could make me a nice sum of money.

techsmack: Would be nice to have an iPhone without a 2yr agreement with anyone. Hopefully someone will cough up the software for the $100k

mansko: I think this is a whole load of money-mongering. What ever happened to the communal share-the-wealth, stick-it-to-the-man attitude that once surrounded hacking ANYTHING… Isn’t that how all of this started, anyway? Apple was started with money earned from Steve and Woz selling their infamous blue box phone phreaking tool.

embraceware: $100,000 – hmm – last time I heard that figure it was from that crazy lady in the iPhone lineup: http://youtube.com/watch?v=NYBFY98lWcU
Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was her? lol

RidiculousHat: i don’t understand why people are so excited about unlocking a mediocre and untested product. so far, nobody has been able to give me a convincing reason why i shouldn’t just get a helio ocean instead.

SirZRX: send it to me in mexico, americans laws here means shit =D!!!!

o0adam0o: Yeah, software like tht should be open source….otherwise someone can get sued and the software can get lost.

I sure hope the agreement clearly shows they will distribute it for free…otherwise in time, one they own it, they will start charging for it.

slapded: so is that 100,000 going to cover your court costs when apple sues your ass?

iChaz: whoever released it could make more money hosting a domain and getting advertising…


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