Apple sued over locked iPhones (after man receives $2000 data roaming bill)

lnfiniteLoopApple Inc. is facing yet another class-action lawsuit over its iPhone, this time from a New York State resident who claims the company failed to adequately disclose to consumers that the handset is locked to AT&T’s network and that using the device internationally would result in substantial data roaming charges…[…] Thanks to lnfiniteLoop for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 25Diggs).

What other users say about this:

SpacemanSpiff: I think his case has merit based on the fact that AT&T provides unlock codes for all of their other phones, but it seems that he didn’t request the unlock until he got back from his trip (and thus had already incurred the charges).

Expect this to go nowhere.

TimmyGUNZ: People…read the article. He’s not suing because he wasn’t told it was exclusive to AT&T, he’s suing because…

“engaging in deceptive and misleading practices by failing to properly disclose to iPhone buyers that their phones would be locked to only work with AT&T SIM cards and that the unlock codes would not be provided.

While I can’t attest to AT&T, I’ve had at least 3 phones unlocked by T-Mobile with a simple phone call telling them about my overseas travel. If AT&T has done this in the past, I think this guy has every right to expect that they’d do the same thing for his iPhone. Apple nor AT&T never explicitly said “we will not be furnishing unlock codes for this phone if you plan to travel overseas.”

Again, I don’t know if AT&T (or Cingular) had set precedence by unlocking other model phones, but if they were like T-Mobile and did, the guy has a legit complaint.

OS2Guy: Hummm… this guy suing would not want me on the jury because I’d nail his ass to the cross and make sure he paid every last dime of that “roaming” bill as well as all legal fees to Apple and ATT and a nice pot of extra for the attempt to humiliate Apple and ATT for what they made quite clear from the getgo.

Another attempt to get Dewey, Cheatum and Howe to suck up some gravy. Won’t work. Same goes for the class action suit against Apple regarding the iPhone battery. How DARE Apple seal the battery inside! Moto, Sony, Nokia all do the same on their top cell phone models but they should be held to a different standard. Apple and ATT now, the whiners want them to pay through the nose because Apple made it clear -again from the getgo- that the battery could not be removed and replaced easily – but they also said the battery would last as long as 7 years – unlike all other cell phones on the market today.

What this guy is really suing for is extortion publicity hoping AT&T will write off the $2,000 he owes to quietly make him go away. I hope they nail his big fat pie hole shut.

Vermifax: The AT&T logo is at the end of every friggin’ iPhone commercial! You can only get an iPhone at an AT&T or an Apple store. No other carrier advertises the iPhone EXCEPT AT&T!

How could you NOT know that the iPhone is exclusive to AT&T!?

natedouglas: WTF? Oh, come ON!


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