Are iPhone hacks all part of Steve Jobs master plan?

coopspopReally interesting article claiming that Steve Jobs anticipated iPhone hacks and loves every minute of it. The article explains this a “watershed moment for Apple” that will propel it to the top of the tech industry. A must-read. Check it out.[…] Thanks to coopspop for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 33Diggs).

What other users say about this:

totorototoro: Interesting theory…but I don’t really see Jobs as being that interested in 3rd party hacks in general, much less planning a whole secret strategy around it-he’s way too focused on doing things his way.

If anything, AppleTV may be Apple’s real only stealth foray into utilizing hackers to make the platform successful. After all, thats just a hobby.

Speedy7: To be honest, who cares?
You can hack the iPhone all you want but it wont make it a better phone…
I know i’m going to get dugg down by loony Apple Fanboys but i’m sick and tired of all these iPhone stories on Digg

machambi: evil evil steve

meshman: One way to tell. If Apple sues the ass off that kid and takes his car, the answer is no. Otherwise, yes.

KenIovino: Good read. The iPhone was my first Apple product I bought and I can see myself buying many more apple products in the near future.

Alegoo92: I heard this discussed today on Buzz Out Loud. I can’t see why not.


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