Developers offer free iPhone application packaging

npenreeToday developers Nicholas “Drudge” Penree and Shaun “Ste” Erickson have announced unlimited free packaging for iPhone application developers.[…] Thanks to npenree for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 388Diggs).

What other users say about this:

ohyeahilovegirl: Hello gang, In need of an iPhone, i got the software to unlock it all i need now is the Phone! Will pay $300-400 for a used iphone, prefer 8GB one

ryanschmidt: Love you guys! Thanks STE!

Jerk: This Digg’s for you Ste.

ChristianBk: I’ve been using this for about a week – love how I can download, update, whatever on EDGE or my wireless network. There are already a bunch of GREAT apps (like the RSS reader & chat one, though the chat is in its initial stages and only has AIM capability). Modding my iPhone was a snap as well. Would definitely recommend checking out the resources listed in this article…

zman14321: Oh, no what if the apps bring down the entire cellular network just like steve said!!?!?!
What bullshit.

superpixel: I’m getting really close to selling my gold teeth for an iPhone. thanks to Apple for saying “don’t do this!” knowing full well everyone would DO exactly what they said not to 😉 IRC and AIM on the iPhone baby, FU AT&T!!! still waiting for a good MAME client tho…


m00gg: These Folks ROCK!!!!
Hit them up on IRC for the greatest customer service in the world.

Much Love & Respect… KARmA
~Spread Peace & Knowledge

peterinjapan: Just get me a really, really good iChat app (AIM)


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