Easter Egg in Leopard

BrethilThe Think Different ad text is written on the new jumbo-sized TextEdit icon[…] Thanks to Brethil for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1521Diggs).

What other users say about this:

TiceHH: Wanna see some really huge icons? Some Leopard icons (like this one) included and also as PNGs! Check this out:

adam2z: Why is this news? oh yeah, fanboys.

simsimsimpleguy: I hate to be pedantic, but this is not an easter egg. It’s just text on an icon.

Digg4all: I have to wonder if non tech people see a story like this and expect to see an easter egg jammed up a leopard’s ass

arctic: How is that an Easter Egg? It’s just text, they had to have something on the icon or else it wouldn’t look realistic.

crongcrang: Good story

chancechat: Ummm, english please?

monkeyrun: nice… that kind of detail on an icon.

Damienk: Why didn’t you just post the link to the picture rather than confuse a few thousand with a foreign language, hm?

threadless01: I can’t wait to see what text MS uses when they directly copy this in the next version of Windows!

teenlovepoem: It’s also what Ron Paul calls the pile of dead ninjas in his front yard.

dstz: The last easter egg in windows was by “zone” if I remember well.

meachen: oh man…..i was hoping to see a leopard shit out an easter egg

bSimms: yo whats going on with the comment system? nothing is sorted right for me

mochaman: This easter egg can also be found in Tiger. If you blow-up the Textedit icon to 124 pixels you can see that nothing has changed is the same icon. The only thing that’s different is that Leopard now has a crazy 512 PIXELS! for its icons.


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