Help-Key: Fake Photoshop the Fat Nano™ in Five Minutes for Apple’s Lawyers

webtechRight now there are many people on Digg claiming that the image we’ve been using of the forthcoming iPod Fat Nano™ is a Photoshop job. They would be right. They’re crying foul, but we never said it was anything but a fake, as we had to have something to show what the new Fat Nano™ will look like, since Apple’s legal guys told us we had to pull the[…] Thanks to webtech for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 596Diggs).

What other users say about this:

seeinpixels: “Fake Photoshop” sounds a little redundant to me.

rossnyc: The amount of keyword stuffing on that page is ridic…going to be funny if google takes notice.

iChainsaw: who the hell couldn’t read “lawyers told us to take the original image down, so we photoshopped this one”???

Slarioux: Since Apple is quite smart, I expect them to pull both the real leaks from the web, and some random fakes to keep people guessing. That’s what I’d do.

HolyHesus: you can see the paint brush marks if you brighten the image. that was a shitty photoshop

psykiv: For fucks sake, it wasn’t photoshopped!!!

That image of the Apple® iPod® Nano® was digitally enhanced and manipulated using Adobe® Photoshop® CS3® Extended® , a component of the Adobe® Creative Suite® CS3® Master Collection®. Apple and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc, a for-profit corporation in the state of California. All other names are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated, a for-profit corporation in the state of California. All rights reserved.

sp1nm0nkey: Is everyone stupid or something? Why would apple ONLY ask for photographs that are real to be pulled? They’re gonna have everything they possibly can pulled because the ONLY people that know what’s real and what’s not is apple, and they’re not gonna risk leaks! Worst possible thing that can happen is it’ll be proven that it wasn’t a leak and apple will go oops our bad, but whose really gonna go against the big A.

motheroats: fugly!

vortex22222: I honestly can’t see something even closely resembling that getting this far in the development cycle.
We all know that form is just as, if not more so, important than function to Apple.

grumpyrain: > The less isometric your viewing angle is, the easier it’ll be to Photoshop.

They are clearly less scared of the Adobe lawyers than the Apple lawyers.

Adam420: Thats not even the right one that was supposed to be real. and i hope thats what it does look like, i just hope its real small if its a square its not bad as long as its small

jeffchuck: Are there any mirrors of the “leaked” photos that the site supposedly had to pull down?

Midnitte: image sucks tbh, if you look to the right in the middle you can tell its been editted

ReinMasamuri: Wow, it’s really sad when they have to make a post saying that another post was fake. Especially when they say right in that original post that it was ‘shopped.

toetagger: I mean, really- who gives a shit.


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