iPhone unlock software suite – Out Sept. 1!!

GooStavoCrackers at The Friend Society (ya, the same people who brought us last year’s NFL dirty bomb hoax) have announced that user-friendly software taking advantage of the recnet iPhone unlock techniques will be released on Sept 1St! Apple must me getting a headache right about now…[…] Thanks to GooStavo for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 37Diggs).

What other users say about this:

jim1977: Posting in a dirty bomb hoax thread.

joehensonn: it’s a rather pathetic attempt at some publicity. these guys have not done sh1t and don’t even know how to pretend to be hackers. alexrulz (above) is obviously one of these morons.

there is no mention of them on the entire engadget site (archives included).

time wasters.

the geohotz unlock is the only one that i can confirm works. there is some suspicion surrounding the two well known ‘software’ unlocks at the moment.

Illyum: I’m skeptical to see if they can actually pull this one off with no bugs. Everyone remembers their Cisco IP phone hack that was “suppose” to parse the systems xml into readable php script. Some of the lines were garbled, resembling un readable hex.

I guess we will have to see September 1st.

alexrulez: i heard on engadget that the friend society crew really knows their stuff.
keep it on the d/l but theyve put a bunch of effort into some of the more complicated server-side scripting on getting user-made apps up and running on the iPhone.

toetagger: I hope it’s more appealing to the eyes than their site, ugh.

alobos: Let’s see. I’m taking this with many grains of salt

GooStavo: youtube is tring to delete Anime!!! DIGG THIS to stop Youtube.


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