Israeli Hackers 100% Unlock the iPhone Yet Again, AT&T Shrugs

yokozukaThree hackers named Dubbi, Ofir and Eli have claimed to have unlocked the iPhone independently in Israel. If confirmed, this would be the fifth time that someone has unlocked the iPhone with a different method. The hackers say they made more progress in regards to the iPhone’s user interface. Meanwhile, AT&T talked with Gizmodo about the unlocking.[…] Thanks to yokozuka for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 705Diggs).

What other users say about this:

electricmba: Buried for a stupid title.


pengas: buried as inaccurate..
these guys used the same method as George Hotz.

sadjoker: In Soviet Russia iPhone hacks u!

LordSlashstab55: it’s as if some unknown force is digging everything down…

this forums is opposite digg!

SpeakerCity: At first I thought this was one of those lame “bury-all-the-comments” threads, but all the above comments suck pretty bad.

edebolt: Fidodo got it right… Take for example Credit Card companies. They can tolerate a lot of fraud and still make money. Its just part of doing business and making a product easy to use. Could Apple and ATT lock this down? sure but in the process it would make it a inco

Frnnkdlxx: DIGG DOWN FEST!

Fidodo: AT&T Shoudn’t care about this. The majority of people aren’t going to go through the trouble to hack the iPhone. It would cost more to deter people from hacking it that it would if they just lost the tiny amount of business of the people that do.

gozilla09: FAIL.

thomasprebble: Knowing the Israeli’s they’ve probably added a “kill Muslim” feature.

mp817: Us Jews are always good with technology…first voicemail, now the iPhone specifically.

moonbastic: Information wants to be free.

aJew: WE OWN!!

vick04: What happens when apple starts checking if you have att’s service when you try to get your phone repaired? Apple is under contract with att after all so i doubt att would leave out a few lines about unlocking.


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