Why George Hotz could face jail time

obeezyEveryone’s favorite hacker of the week, George Hotz, has enjoyed 13 of his 15 minutes of fame this week, appearing on news shows and conducting media interviews about his successful iPhone hack, and good for him. Let’s just hope his last 2 minutes are not spent in a courtroom.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 55Diggs).

What other users say about this:

MikeonTV: He’ll HACK his way out of prison!

PhilMcKraken: He seemed like a bit of a tool to me, but he’s only 17. They say he has a 150 IQ, so maybe I am just feeling inferior. Totally off-topic, but why does he know his IQ? I thought they hid that from kids? Or maybe they just hide it from idiot kids like me.
Anyway, 150 IQ or not, that kid has crazy eyes. I say sell the car for an operation to lower his eyelids.

OS2Guy: Here’s hoping AT&T sues hell out of his ass and puts the fear in God in the rest of the college geek crowd from doing what George did: crack the AT&T-iPhone contract and then sell that crack to the highest bidder for a new car and more iPhones. That act moves George’s use of the iPhone from “personal” to “profitable” and that is entirely illegal.


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