CONFIRMED: Apple invites press for event on September 5th.

lu0s3r322Well the rumors have been floating around for a few days, and now we’ve gotten official word — in the form of the invite you see above — that Apple will be holding a “special event” on September 5th. Let the speculation begin![…] Thanks to lu0s3r322 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 2514Diggs).

What other users say about this:

springlake04: Let me guess leapord is going to get pushed back

pyrates: This is a first, something that is confirmed in the Apple category that is actually true and not just a rumor.

rigormortisrob: I’m hoping for somewhere between 120-160GB of storage (I use my iPod for system backups ๐Ÿ™‚ WLAN that is not crippled (ala Zune) A touchscreen interface with handwriting recog for search. It’s getting hard to find the song I want scrolling around in a huge library and the current search entry method blows ๐Ÿ˜› Oh, wireless sync too plez ๐Ÿ™‚ Although that last one is not a biggie as I have to plug it in to charge anyhoo. Guess I might as well wish for wireless power charge while I’m at it ๐Ÿ™‚

aduzik: Predictions:

There will be two new iPods: iPod and iPod nano — although it’s rumored they’re retiring the nano name. They always seem to do that with products when it’s at its zenith of popularity. We’ve already seen the iPod nano; that cat’s out of the bag. The new full-size iPod will need a full-length screen. It will resemble the iPhone and iMac more than the previous iPod. Expect more glass and aluminum. It may not have a touchscreen interface, but the UI will definitely be innovative. Expect more storage (60GB and 120GB) with a price bump to $299 and $399. Both devices will run OS X. El Jobso will make a big deal about how the entire Apple ecosystem now runs OS X. You know it just burns him up inside that it hasn’t until now.

I’m wondering if there will be iPhone software announcements. Perhaps third-party apps available for download/purchase through iTunes. I’m convinced that there will be no official third-party apps until Apple finds a way to deliver them through the iTunes Store, perhaps similarly to the way they do podcasts. Figuring out how to get paid will be a nightmare. Don’t know how they’ll handle this.

One more thing: All You Need Is Love… on your new iPod. Beatles catalog now available on iTunes. You can buy a digital box set starting today.

Crazy wild-assed guess: since iPods and iPhones now run the same OS, derived from the same codebase, there will be one API for both. You can write applications for both platforms, and that’s why they’ve been waiting until now to release the API.

See you next month at the Leopard launch, folks! Steve out!

Ov3rdos3: iStfuplzkthx

nasalspray: Let The Beatles theories fly:

1) When coming up with the name “The Beetles”, Paul thought it would be good to use “BEA” instead of “BEE”, which is a well-documented factoid from the band’s history. Thus, the first three letters “BEA” shows in the coverflow view of the Beastie Boys album.
2) John left the band in SEPTEMBER of 1969. Thus, “the BEAT goes on” (as has been noted before).
3) The silhouette “cover” in the coverflow has a very similar color scheme to the Cirque Du Soleil release of The Beatles – “Love”.
4) As was mentioned before – and the BEAT goes on is a play on The BEATles.
5) First album in the coverflow includes the partial words “UND(er) THE SEA” – Lyric from the “Abbey Road” track “Octopus’ Garden” – “I’d like to be, under the sea…”

Of course…

They could just be releasing some new iPods.

morphie: Prediction of the MacRumorsLive log:

Beatles songs are played
Steve Jobs comes up
Welcomes press to the event.
sj: “It’s time for some fun”
sj: “iPod has been an enourmous succes”
sj: “iPhone too, big succes allready”
sj: “iPhone brought Mac OS X on small devices. Multitouch. Safari. Big step forward.”
sj: “People love the interface. High satisfaction rates. In fact, the highest.”
sj: “iPod interface is outdated, but still far ahead of any other MP3-player. Zune included!”
sj: “We can do even better than that? What if the iPod used Mac OS X too?”
sj: “Best of all: the new iPod is shipping…. today”
sj: “One more thing…”
sj: “Leopard’s delayed untill february 2008. ok, tnx, bye”

darny: it’s definitely time for apple to release the iDon’tgiveashit.

aliguana: iScream

chobbney: This isn’t news; there’s nothing to report.

Let us know when you have some actual information.

BelieveItYo: They are geniuses. Right when school starts.

Walory: I heard they will be releasing the long anticipated ‘Enigma machine’. Steve Jobs told me the other day when we were golfing.

Epik: Possible Blu Ray integration?

peep: newton2

TheN0ble: Whats a iPod?


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