Do you Know what Apple Command Symbol Means ?

FameMoneySomething you might not noticed …[…] Thanks to FameMoney for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 2033Diggs).

What other users say about this:

tallguy: its on wikipedia or just search for ⌘, additional info here:

brundlefly: Huh. The power of Christ Commands you.

yankpats: My last name is Hans…. and I feel like a Saint…. I had no idea apple honored me.

HarleyQuinn: How about Apple and even Microsoft get rid of the BS special keys and leave it at ALT or CTRL and sometimes FN. For a company that loves to oversimplify things, you would think an Apple keyboard would be rid of some of this. Add to the confusion that some call it the Apple key, some call it the Command key. On a “standard” keyboard it is in the ALT position.

*nix and MS seem to agree on basic keyboard commands (i.e. CTRL-C for copy NOT APPLE-C) 2 against 1 Apple, get on board.

(I use all three OS’s and this keyboard nonsense drives me crazy)

bleutuna: What’s weird about the Swastika is that EVEN THOUGH I know it’s older than the Nazi party, meant something else, was stolen, etc – it automatically evokes this immediately feeling of disgust/fear and anguish within me. I can’t help it. Its very odd.

deadnoob: once again, just in case anybody didnt know, thats not a swastika. its a buddhist symbol

a swastika is the mirrored image of that. im not sure why they dont say that in the article…

komarovsky: If you search that site for “Apple,” the 25:18 page is the only result given, even though the page oddly never mentions Apple. How then does Google know to give the page as a result?

rnawky: Yay apple supports Hitler.

unknownzero: stoooooooooooooopid

blinkgreen: I just want to point out that the swastika wasn’t first used by the nazi’s. They stole the symbol and turned it into a monster.

blinkgreen: That’s really weird, I’m currently reading a book by James Rollins and that specific symbol keeps on popping up. It’s odd how something that calls your attention, then about the same time you hear/see it again. It’s like some strange kind of deja vu.

alexiusca: 


iChainsaw: the command key means command when it is on a keyboard. if you rip the symbol off the keyboard…it is whatever you say it is.

Unr3a1: Is is just me, or is the right loop larger than the left loop?

rplantz: Um, so let me get this straight…Apple is anti-semitic?


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