iFuntastic v3 Released: You now have permission to go nuts

ComputerNapThe moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. iFuntastic version 3 is here, and chock full of new features: PowerPC compatibility, application installation, image editing, downloading/uploading, multiple-home screens and icon re-arrangement, ringtones from iTunes and much more![…] Thanks to ComputerNap for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 800Diggs).

What other users say about this:

iLover: Anyone know how to change the screen size on the home screen? My wallpaper shows at the right and left edges. It’s kind of annoying. Thanks for the info 🙂

maltschul: After 1+ days of monkeying with this (and having been an iFuntastic fan since 2.0), my thoughts:
* the unshackle feature is nice: add ringtones when I want
* getting to the point of unshackle a PIA: sync iTunes, restore latest iPhone software (1.0.2) to virgin state, sync iTunes (with an 8GB phone, this is ~ an hour, plus you lose some things like Youtube bookmarks)
* adding apps is great in theory, but worthless in reality. I’ve still not found anything add-worthy (NES button response sucks, so not even that treasure from 20 years ago is any good)
* Not a fan of the Home Screen tweaks (changed names of apps to things like MobileCal and MobileMail); pages are dreadful

In short, you gain the ability to add ringtones without going through the Jailbreak thing everytime and you get 2 things you’ll likely not want to touch: Home Screen mod and adding apps. I miss my pristine Apple Home Screen. I’m now in the process of doing a full system restore and going back to iFuntastic 2.5 to add ringtones.


(One last note: this now functions with PowerPC macs. So, if you don’t have Intel, you’re only option is 3.0. Not a big issue, just stick with Ringtones IMO).

neosoul77: Thank You Lord!!!

iChainsaw: lol i went to the page and it has a picture of a car with a screwdriver with a caption saying “i’m in ur servers making things better” LMAO

coderedfilm: this new ver. has soo much wrong with it, its not worth using. I had my phone looking nice and pretty, and when i installed this, it made me restore, and now i cant get anything working the same. All my icons, all my apps, all my sounds, now gone. Skip this ver. for now. The “pages” feature is terrible.

PrinceBrand: It would be nice if they authors gave credit to the ideas and code they’ve ‘borrowed’ based on others work…
My .02 cents.
-KennX (aka PrinceBrand)

jhey: Wish there was a Windows version of this.

skottles: I wish I could digg this more than once…ive been waiting for this!

alburn: I had trouble until I moved the application to my desktop, after that it worked fine

MacParrot: Has anyone tried this using OSX86 on a generic PC? Hacking an iPhone on a hacked version of OS X with hacks of iTunes playing in the background.

But you’d probably need a hack for that.

djcraze: Working Mirror: http://www.macenstein.com/ifuntastic3mirror/iFuntastic_3.0.3.zip
As of 8:00 EDT

badjoke: The applications are listed as MobilePhone and MobileMusicPlayer, etc. Any way to keep the names simple?

Swoshmn: @zeroego
Yeah, I am sitting here still looking at the phone connected to the computer, it has been fully restored with the “iPhone is activated” text box, and have plugged/unplugged and reset the phone and application multiple times. I have iTunes disabled from syncing, and I try to “Continue” looking at the “Unshackle” screen and it sends me straight to the Troubleshooting page. I feel I have done everything right, multiple times, it just hates my pretty little friend

Je55e0wn5y0u: For some reason none of the stuff that has to do with the home screen works for me =[

Cabose: I just did the full hack.
1) you can choose not to use the “pages” function
2) I found when you do use pages, it will lock after you choose a new one
3) It looks damn nifty, but a tad slower that V2.0


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