iPhone, meet your competition!

idigitIt sounds like some pictures got released of Nokia’s new N95 8GB phone. Could Nokia possibly have the courage to take on the iPhone in a battle of sales?[…] Thanks to idigit for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 26Diggs).

What other users say about this:

Pifman: I don’t think other companies (other than Apple that is) look outside the box enough. It’s still the same thing over and over again. The same dumb icons, the same dumb button layout, etc.. The only thing I’m actually confused about, is the camera facing you? How would that work? Well I guess it would work great for the MySpace generation.

Quix: *Chortle…guffaw…spit…sputter…gasp…sweat* $761??? Fully subsidized? If that isn’t the most expensive phone in the world and it does not even appeal to business customers because it doesn’t even have a keboard, which makes it not a very good e-mail machine!

– Steve Ballmer

glix: yh ftw

sholt: I like the “Download!” icon.

Applications are more exciting with exclamation points.

deleteyourself: Looks cool, but like most nokia phones it’s ugly as sin. They need new designers.

antforce: The european iPhone for now…

ekboost: Although the phone has some impressive features, I can’t imagine the experience of using it being that great.


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