Mac OS X Leopard 9A527 Gallery

Me1000ThinkSecret has posted a gallery of the latest Mac OS X Leopard Build.Build 9A527, distributed last week to developers, represents a substantial improvement over the previous build, 9A499. On the whole, the build performs faster and has far fewer bugs than before.They write that the new build has …[…] Thanks to Me1000 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1132Diggs).

What other users say about this:

whiteyMcBrown: Smallest issue ever, but the divider (crosswalk) on the dock is wrong. It would be correct if it was right in the middle of the dock, but it’s off to the right so it should be angled more like a backslash ( ). The vanishing point should be determined by the angles at the edges of the dock. I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but Apple’s pretty meticulous about this kinda stuff, and they seem to have missed it… Oh.. and I’m very happy they got rid of the pinstripes, and brushed metal and went more iTunesy for the whole thing. And coverflow rocks my socks because there was a missing gap in the Mac OS for a filmstrip/giant thumbnail view and Apple did one better by letting you see enormous thumbnails and being able to sort them, via the list at the bottom. Good on ya!

Shiftyeyedgoat: is this… different.. somehow?

Did I miss something?

pathetik: If they didn’t resolve the calendar icon keeping the right date…
Leopard a dud !

DarkDx: Thanks to high resolution icons now we can see that the kid in preview’s icon is a asiatic.
Hooray for Apple!


TheRealToma: I dont get it, are Macs UI designed for the mentally handicapped? I mean, who needs an icon thats as big as the freaking screen? Maybe Im missing something.

Darkyuubi: WOW that dock on the side is ugly….

FXPooky: I think the redesign isn’t that bad. However, what is up with those toolbar icons? If you look at the grey buttons on top of, say, this window , you can see that they are extremely pixelly on the edges and not round. The arrows are also not centered vertically. What the hell happened to Apple’s design team? That looks horrible and XP-ish to me… those new close/maximize/minimize buttons are too colour saturated, too.

poesybeater: Why do so many people take screenshots of Mac windows without including the window shadows? It takes about 2 extra seconds to do it right.

deaftly: ubuntu + beryl + advant dock > all

nodlezfodlez: is it just me or does the thumbnail down from the top center look somewhat like goatse?

Goldspink: Looks like pinstripes are out, then. They were definitely too noticeable in early OS X, but the level in 10.4 is just right. I like them as they add an ever-so-slight texture that stops things looking too ‘perfect’.

Kitsune818: Wow, this looks worse than older versions to my eye. Apple seems to be losing all the things that “brought them back” to me, like color and innovative shapes. I still love my “toilet seat” first gen “blueberry” iBook, I’d buy another if they offered them with modern specs. Now their models and interfaces look like boring office furniture again IMHO. They can keep brushed metal.

AmazingSyco: ThinkSecret typically doesn’t go down when they get dugg, but they do slow the hell down. That’s why I resorted to shell scripting.

for a in $(for i in $(curl | grep -o ‘source/.*.html’); do curl “$i” | grep -o “../image/[a-z0-9]*.jpg”; done); do curl -O “$a“; done

Make a new dir, cd into it, and run that script in a term. It’ll batch download the pictures into that folder. It’ll take awhile to run, but it seems to work pretty well for me. Wrote for bash, don’t know about other shells.

cave: Do want!

directive0: Look at the Apple Talk logo… its rainbow and Os 8-ish


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