Rumor: iPod Hi-Fi facing end of life

1KrazyKoreanThe Apple iPod Hi-Fi is one of the stranger products that Apple has created in its 21-year history. It was first released in the spring of last year, and has been just plain out of price range for many people. Add to that the sea of cheap “good-enough sounding” alternatives and impulse buys become more difficult to justify.[…] Thanks to 1KrazyKorean for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 525Diggs).

What other users say about this:

Codee: I love Apple but always hated that thing. It was doofy.

DaveClarkOne: Probably the most uninspired thing to come out of Apple.

JuliusErving: Apple’s 21 year history? Shouldn’t it be 31 years? Surprising typo.

mrraven200: I’ll stick with my Yamaha pre-amp. 120 w/channel Yamaha power amp and Phase tech PC-80 speakers from the thrift store and pawn shop. 100 times better sound for less than half the price.

Trioxin: I would get one if they built AirTunes in. Its a feature that would really set it apart.

shieldss: The HiFi needs to become the WiFi. How great would it be to have that form factor without the need for an iPod? Stream your iTunes library, display library contents on a small screen and allow navigation with the remote. Just plug it in and it is ready to go. Make it like the Apple TV but for music.

ih8apple: I dont think this was there bigest blunder:

$99 cases that you had to take the iPod out of to see, anyone?

ausfahrt: If Bose = better sound through marketing (which it may I have no clue) then Apple = …. do i need to fill in the blank? Ok then! Apple = BETTER PRODUCT THROUGH MARKETING!!!!

steamedlice: Good. Get rid of it. It’s just eating up retail space. As a shareholder, I was very disturbed by it’s introduction. The fact that it’s a poor seller just confirms the notion that the customer is always right.

pyrates: I had a feeling this was gonna happen when Steve Jobs in his arrogance said he would replace his million dollar stereo system with one of these. Reality distortion field must have been working overtime then, and even then it didn’t help it.

bingobongony: I love how this acts like the HiFi failed becuase people figured their cheaper systems were “good enough”. No, it failed because the HiFi was just as crappy quality as those “good enough” systems, even worse, but way more expensive.

mabhatter: the trouble with the Hi-Fi is that it doesn’t do enough. It’s “only” iPod speakers and not much more. I’d love one for my living room as it’s quite small, Hi-Fi is perfect, but lacks inputs for more than 1 item at a time. If they update that thing, perhaps add AirTunes from the Airport express, they will have something cool. It’s the perfect “dorm room” match to Apple TV, iMac, and iPod, but there’s no inclusion for setting along side a TV set and DVD player or Video game system. It needs more inputs, in different types.. analog, digital coax, optical… Then it needs to secure the iPod MUCH better, so that the iPod in dock is portable.. in the present incarnation it just hangs off the top, very nice for looks, but you can’t carry it that way.
It was an “almost” product, that needs more features to be interesting.

HappyScrappy: Agreed the Hi Fi is LOUD as hell.

It sounds pretty good too, but the defining characteristic has to be its volume.

I was at an outdoor party with almost 300 people and someone had put music on (good thing ASCAP didn’t catch us!) and after listening for 15 minutes I looked over to see where the music was coming from, expecting to see at least a wedding DJ-sized setup and there was just an iPod in a Hi Fi, blasting out the tunes. Rather impressive.

It was still too expensive for my tastes though, I didn’t need an ersatz PA and so I didn’t see any point in paying for one.

cctoronto05: I want one… I think it sounds waaaay better than the other units available… I’d like one in black though… it is perfect for taking outside… it runs on batteries if need be!
Go to the store and compare it to the others… you’ll find there is no comparison.
If they discontinue it, I’ll have to buy one sooner rather than later (I was going to buy one next spring).

blueangel01: Go to an Apple store and try one out. It blows the other speaker docks out of the water. The sound is really rich, and it gets louder than hell.


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