UK iTunes opens Video Store

SillyMammaThe title says it all. The new TV Programmes section brings such classic American programming as SpongeBob Squarepants, South Park and Kim Possible and possibly British shows inluding Bam’s Unholy Union and Jongleurs Unleashed. £1.89 per show.[…] Thanks to SillyMamma for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 550Diggs).

What other users say about this:

DaviDaviDaviD: Finally 🙂 PMR should be a good watch. Suite life for my little sister, something for everyone! Price is a little steep though 😦 Oh DRM, damn.

ant4177: One question; will we get shows as they are shown in the US or months later when they are shown over here. All this means nothing if we still have to wait.

ricodued: I just want Top Gear on iTS. That’s ALL I want.

Kelmon: This is a bit disappointing. We’ve waited 2-years for this and the content is pretty much what the US iTunes Store started with. I thought the delay was for sorting out some local content. I’m not bothered about the price (all things are relative) but I’d like to see some local content rather than just US shows.

I bought an episode of Commander In Chief to see how things work and what the quality is like.

shinyhappydan: And the justification for the 91% price hike is…?

fLUx1337: OK, for the record:

Xbox 360 games = £39.99, $80.52
PS3 console (60GB) = £399, $805
iTunes songs (with DRM, 99cents US ones) = £0.79, $1.59
iTunes TV episodes = £1.89, $3.81

Now, you americans better stop moaning about your prices, when we pay FAR more! lol

Anteros: DVDs are better value, higher quality, include extras and don’t have drm restrictions. If you want to watch recent programs whenever you want, you would be better of buying a DVR. It also makes no sense to price shows like southpark the same as shows like lost which are double in length.

MartyMcSly: Please fellow brits I emplore you not to buy this tripe! If we show our complete and utter distain for their disgusting pricing and terribly banal selection maybe they’ll think twice about selling us old rope for hard-earned cash. Cheers.

moisie: I buy lots of shows on DVD, I pay for Satellite TV, there is no way I’m paying this much for iTunes downloads. Music Videos are different because you can’t really get them elsewhere and you’re only going to want the odd one, but this is too much.

r3zonance: The £1.89 price tag isn’t that steep when set against the cost of a 5-minute music video. Quit whining, we all know we “get ripped off” in the UK so why did you all of a sudden expect this to be any different.

And I’d guess it’s not Apple doing the ripping off, it’ll be content owners and the UK government in the form of taxes (and maybe even Apple’s providers of bandwidth too).

aliguana: Amazon > Handbrake > iPod/AppleTV/PS3/Xbox ftw. OK, Apple have done some of the donkey work and encoded them for lazy people, but come on… unless their video store has the choice that your average DVD outlet has, and sells without DRM, then what is the point?

CCmachined: DRM? no thanks.

£1.89 each–that’s a steep $3.81 in today’s weak US dollar, compared to the $1.99 US episode costs
big WTF? this happened with 79p / 99¢ songs also! eps should be more like £1… and then theyd sell!

Rovient: Dugg down because the author used “The title says it all” and then continued to explain. Sick to death of reading that ultra slick sentence. It’s totally lost it’s meaning.

rtilford: about time we got videos shame there is not anything worth watching on there

FrankieAngels: This is definitely a step in the right direction for us in the U.K., just a shame it’s expensive compared to the U.S.


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