Volkswagen, Apple working on ‘iCar’

rivostevoGerman magazine Capital is reporting (google translation) that talks between Apple and Volkswagen are in an early stage for a so-called “iCar”.According to a Volkswagen company spokesperson, the two company heads held talks a few days ago in California on more heavily incorporating Apple product…[…] Thanks to rivostevo for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 702Diggs).

What other users say about this:

Justin6512: don’t leave your lights on because that will drain your battery which eventually wear it out and then you’ll have to send the whole car back to the dealership to get it fixed.

Xanian: I thought every Volkswagen came with an imac, or at least an apple sticker

flyinsquirrel: OOOOOO OOO I GOT IT!!!!!

“How the hell do you stop the car when it only has 1 petal???”

“Who cares man its apple, you don’t NEED to stop anymore”

Chicken001: I wonder what icon on the dashboard will the car will display if the engine dies?

toetagger: These have got to be the lamest jokes I have ever seen on digg.

SirZRX: lol, wut?

dirtmonkey: 2 things wrong with an iCar.

First off…GET A BETTER NAME!! Pretty soon we will be seeing iToasters, iBrooms, and iToilet Paper.

Second- It better NOT be a hybrid or electric car. You just know that they would make the batteries unswappable!

I have to say it, Steve Jobs you are a whore.

palehorse864: Oops, iCrashed

darkciti2: They got the idea from me about 6 years ago:

rob357: what about the iRefrigerator? and the iWasher? iChair, iDryer, iPen, iBottle, iCrap….

macfanboi: A car that falls apart in a year or two? Looks like the right two companies are talking.

RationalXubrnce: What the world needs is a standardized USB connection to your car for your cellphone. This way you could answer and make calls through steering wheel controls and possibly hear them through the stereo with an integrated mic. This would eliminate the most dangerous parts of car phone usage, making and answering calls. It would have to be standardized to work with every manufacturer.

xeno439: We have Samsung cars here in Korea. Oh, and carmaker Hyundai makes cell phones.

sky_blue_eyes: lol. that’s bull.

derder89: The ultimate hipster car. May god have mercy on all of our souls!


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