What If Apple TV Were a Web App?

physicxA web based application that allows users to have the same experience as they would when purchasing a Apple TV device. Features such as a History and Favories list have been implemented plus utilizes RSS feeds from the top web sharing sites such as YouTube,Google,MySpace,Digg,BlipTV,MetaCafe,iFilm,Pornotube,DailyMotion,Break,Grouper,Heavy and Guba.[…] Thanks to physicx for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 704Diggs).

What other users say about this:

tohytone: Try Youtube powered web TV from http://mytube.atspace.com

jfink: Anyone try this on the Wii yet? Could be a nice successor to wiitoob.com if they add some category options (Most Viewed Today, This Week)…

Rob223: For the second time, users are again able to see videos on youtube via their tv. Just without a wiimote. And the actual websites.

gafasiesornivek: What if the iPhone was actually a web app? Oh wait, it is.

Dolomite: Buy a SlingBox, it does exactly what you ask and works great with the AppleTV

LeeSoong: Just Add SAFARI to AppleTV to turn it into an Apple Web TV device – reading Digg on a HDTV is fun!

PLEASE Apple Do it Now!

WiseWeasel: Buffering . . . Buffering . . .
Urge to kill rising…

antdude: http://duggmirror.com/apple/What_If_Apple_TV_Were_a_Web_App/ but no images. 😦

zdiggler: I can also stream recorded shows over the internet, but my upload speed is not so good 😦

zdiggler: MY DirecTivo record shows and has season pass.

it also play pictures from my computer.
I can also listen to MP3’s from my computer.

I can also stream all sort of video DiVX/Xvid, QT, RM, MP4, WMV, mov. Cover form my computer and stream them to my TV.
I can also watch all the recorded shows on my TV as well as on my computer.

It also got web interface TivoWebPlus 2.0 where I can browse the guide manage season pass etc.

I can telnet into it as well as FTP.

With TyTools I can download the show, cut the commercials and put it right on DVD or archived as Divx.

akira117: “What If Apple TV Were a Web App?”
“The server at http://www.paulyanez.com is taking too long to respond.”

Not exactly apple fan boys at “paulyanez.com”.

StandardsDT: If Apple TV were a web app that site would be offline 247.

adude: The previews certainly got my attention: Furtado, Alba, Johansson, Richards, Watts 🙂

grouchyman: Lame… the whole point of an AppleTV is to watch it on… get this… a TV. So with this piece of crap idea, I have to hookup a computer and use a keyboard and mouse to navigate the items, instead of a remote control?

joshuaer: it would not work!! Well at least we know you can not run the app on a shared server.

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