Wireless iTunes Store to debut Wednesday?

genericwhiteguyWednesday will also bring “wireless iTunes Store sales” to the iPhone and said iPods. MacDaily’s source also claims that the iPods will indeed be Mac OS X-based, and that we should “Prepare to be stunned [with] iPod’s new capabilities.”[…] Thanks to genericwhiteguy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 26Diggs).

What other users say about this:

rusty_g: i don’t think they will use edge or 3g due to the fact that it is just an ipod, it’s not a phone, it doesn’t need to use those networks for it’s capabilities. It should only by wifi…

SystemJinx: I’m sure the iPhone could download iTunes purchases over Edge and Wifi. However TV shows and movies over Edge would be painfully slow.

We need an iPhone with 3G capability.

DJCult: If this is true and I can purchase songs wherever I am, I will be very broke, and Apple will be very profitable.

DiggedyDoo: Suhhhhweeet. Sorry if this is a dumb question… but wireless over a wireless network, or also over Edge for the iPhone?


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