Apple accused of short-shrifting disabled retail shoppers

lnfiniteLoopTwo San Francisco women have filed a lawsuit that accuses Apple of largely ignoring accessibility laws at one of its retail stores, making shopping or service trips all but impossible for those confined to a wheelchair.[…] Thanks to lnfiniteLoop for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 16Diggs).

What other users say about this:

tdhurst: While I sympathize with those in wheelchairs, LIFE ISN’T FAIR. I worked as a Mac Specialist for a few years and was approached a few times by wheelchair bound customers who wanted help. It wasn’t an issue whatsoever to help them and they left happy.

HOWEVER, has they not specifically asked me (or stared at me to get my attention), I bet I wouldn’t have approached because I honestly would have been afraid they would make a big deal about it (which happened, twice).

You really can’t win.

djphatjive: LoL, this cracks me up. All our lives we were taught that disabled people just want to be like everyone else, The are normal people just like everyone else.

“It’s apparent from these occurrences, the two women said, that Apple retail stores do not have a policy in place to assist handicapped shoppers. And if they do, it wasn’t being followed.”

Are you kidding me? There like, I’m mad because I was not waited on and because the store did not design and spend 100,000 dollars on making it so that a few people in wheelchairs can see the products because they are to afraid to ask to see one because it might draw attention to there disability that they want people to think they don’t have.

Get off your high horse or “weelchair” and ask someone for help. Your disabled.

MiddleNameWayne: That’s a shame. The stores I’ve been to are some of the “roomiest” retail stores I’ve seen with plenty of desk space to check out the computers. Never would have thought things were too high or out of reach then again I’m 6’1″.


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