What would the iCar be like?

PackerFanContinuing the trend of wild Cupertino-related rumors, while simultaneously bringing to mind an old joke about Microsoft and GM, a German magazine is claiming that Apple and Volkswagen have entered into discussions over a concept vehicle to be dubbed — you guessed it — the iCar.[…] Thanks to PackerFan for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 22Diggs).

What other users say about this:

spargett: Ryan: “Can hit 100Mph, can’t hit 100Kbps.”
Evan: “The scroll wheel would be hard to steer in sharp turns.”
Paul: “Give it a few weeks and you should be breaking 25Mph no sweat.”
Nilay: “It only uses one kid of gas!”
Josh: “I hear it doesn’t have 3G either.”
Chris: “Internal combustion engines were stupid until we decided to use them.”
Dante: “White.”

NsinU8: I think the horn should be the mac startup sound…. Also “icar” is a working name. No way in hell it will be named that.


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