CNN confirms iPhoneSIMfree’s iPhone SIM unlock hack

obeezyIndependent verification of seemingly dubious claims makes the world go ’round, which is why we’re a little thankful the iPhoneSIMfree crew has deigned CNN worthy of having the second shot at verifying their iPhone SIM unlock software.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

MetalGearRod: It’s quite unfortunate really…i grew up learning about the great hobbyist and enthusiast who revolutionized the IT industry simply by creating things they enjoyed creating and allowing the masses access to it…but i guess that’s all it is now…an industry! It’s no longer enough to create a great product and change how the world works…the focus now is financial gain, even if that means locking the iPhone to a single network! Maybe good things come to those who wait! Well Apple, here’s to rest of the world waiting…oh and remember, though good things come to those who wait, we won’t wait too late…

twit987: DIRECT LINK

camkerr: I could care less if CNN confirmed it. Engadget is good enough for me.

digitalarcanum: Since this shit is iPhone related, it was bound to hit front page sooner or later. I know what responses I’ll get to this comment “LULZ YHOU CUD LIEK BLOK TEH APPLE NEWZ LOLOL APPLE FAGGOT TROLL” but some of us like hearing about apple news that isn’t this fucking phone. You know, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” kinda thing. As much as I hate to admit, apple does some innovative stuff and also makes stupid blunders I wouldn’t mind hearing about either. So shut the fuck up about blocking the apple section and quit digging up these fucking useless iphone stories.

spudmanster: Apple can kiss my ass if they think I am going to buy any of their products when they remove the consumers choice of providers.

digitallysick: I’m tired of all this talk about unlocked iphones, they should just make it free to everyone. Otherwise i don’t care to much about it

stisev: BREAKING NEWS: no one gives a rat’s ass about the iPhone anymore! Stop digging this crap

hiro: Unlocking for other networks is a step forward, but without the ability to create and edit MS Office compatible files, and more crucially 3G, there will be no great rush to buy one here in the UK when it’s launched. It’s just not smart enough to be a decent smartphone, we’ll see what happens with next yrs version

squall: I am with T-Mobile for over 6 years now. It would be very interesting to see someone on the T-Mobile network with iPhone.

brettschulte: Thecproblem is not the hack (that works) its wrapping it in an installer for Windows and Mac.

Sent from my T-Mobile iPhone

cgomez: iPhoneSimFree has updated their site with a FAQ that states it should be released within the next two or three days.

Here’s hoping…

everfresh59: It’s amazing how many peope are willing to void their warranties on a 1st gen product thats $500. I know it’s awesome to have unlocked, but are we all so ignorant to actually believe Apple won’t fix this? Software update alone will completely fix this, and then what…

newbill123: I kept telling myself “I’ll wait for the upgrade to version 2 before I buy an iPhone”. But if I can get an iPhone untangled from AT&T, I’ll consider that a significant enough bug fix to justify the purchase.

shaitanx: CNN is very worthy indeed..

macmissionary: In my area, admittedly rural, the only service we get is EDGE Wireless, which happens to be an AT&T partner network (I think AT&T actually owns like 60% or something). Even though EDGE is supposed to be a “partner”, we don’t have the iPhone. Guys like me are anxious for the hack.


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