iPhone Worth Every Penny

Mattman9876The iPhone has been out for a while, the media blitz has mercifully ended, and CEO Steve Jobs is off pitching other Apple wares. Which makes us step back and wonder: Was the iPhone worth the hype? In a word, yes. After putting Apple’s first smartphone through its paces, we believe it’s the best personal communicator your money can buy.[…] Thanks to Mattman9876 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

streak: What “sky high price”? The iPhone is cheaper than every other smart phone. Yes, the entry cost is higher than for most, but the monthly service fee is significantly less. Over 2 years, the savings completely offset the cost of the iPhone itself.

pongpong: HTC is almost the same as iPhone at a lower price. You’re just paying more for the apple logo.

robwilkens: I’m glad for half-the-money of an iPhone I got a more functional Windows Mobile phone.

MacManiac23: Its worth every cent I spent on it, easily.


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