Welcome to Zuckerland: NBC’s Stupid Move

DaBrainiacn case you hadn’t heard, the executives at NBC think they’re freaking geniuses. They’ve just figured out the secret to saving the company. It involves doing good business in a fantasy world that only exists in NBC head Jeff Zucker’s head, called Zuckerland.[…] Thanks to DaBrainiac for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

backon: Note to media company CEOs: Do what Steve Jobs tells you. The meteoric success of the companies he has run compared to the mediocre success of yours would indicate he’s much smarter than you. Can’t agree more.


stockjones: In Zuckerland I guess you need all that money so you can afford those Armani suits and hollywood lifestyle. Times are changing and many of the old school media companies are urgently trying to deal with the changes. Companies like Google, Apple may become the new media conglomerates.

The ultimate revenge of the nerds.

bdamon: If NBC is leaving I’m hoping they have an alternative strategy for distributing their content. I wouldnn’t mind at all if they used Amazon for distributing all their stuff. Works great with my Gigabeat and my TiVo. It will be good to have more competition in this market. Apple is charging way too much for their hardware right now. Another real competitor in this place would drive those prices down I hope. I have a 5.0 version iPod and there’s no way I’m paying $250 for a new one when I can get players just as good for $50-100 cheaper. The only problem is that the content has been as good. This will hopefully create a good alternative for content, or drive Apple’s extermely greedy prices down. Either way, I hope it works our for us consumers.

rodon: Way to screw over your shows NBC.

JayBorn: I can’t no body said this… Its more like SUCKERLAND…

gconway: Let’s see, $1.99 an episode for a season of 22 episodes = $44, about the price of a discounted DVD box set from Amazon; but without the box, without the DVDs, without the extra material, without the higher-quality video and audio. Sounds like a deal to me! And wouldn’t it be an even bigger deal to get buyers to pay $110 for a season without packaging, production, design and delivery costs? Awesome! As someone who’s picked up only a handful of TV episodes from iTunes to sample shows I otherwise would’ve missed, I can’t figure out why ANYONE would buy a show from iTunes as it stands now — never mind how it would be if these morons managed to change the pricing. How do these idiots get and keep their jobs? Oh, I forgot — this is television we’re talking about…

SirBotchness: oh no, another apply faggot getting his 2 cents in.

DeflatorMouse: “It is clear that Apple’s retail pricing strategy for its iTunes service is designed to drive sales of Apple devices, at the expense of those who create the content that make these devices worth buying.”

Then why do I find myself pressing the YouTube button on my iPhone about 856 times more often than I ever download an NBC product off of iTunes?

wbgo: Note to media company CEOs: Do what Steve Jobs tells you. The meteoric success of the companies he has run compared to the mediocre success of yours would indicate he’s much smarter than you.

PasteEater: “In addition, we asked Apple to take concrete steps to protect content from piracy, since it is estimated that the typical iPod contains a significant amount of illegally downloaded material.”

Yeah, maybe. But iPods don’t actually download the content, desktop and laptop computers do…


MaceSoul: Yes, yes, yes. Anyone who doesn’t do Apple’s bidding is an ignorant, backwards right-clicker. You can go back to your Prarie Home Companion now.

Gabberwok: Okay, not that it’s a real e-mail address or anything, but this is the public e-mail for the CEO of Hulu…. “jason.kilar@hulu.com” Please feel free to let him now how displeased you are about NBC’s plans to abandon iTunes for Hulu, and make sure to include something to the effect of “I will boycott your website and make sure that all of my friends agree never to go to it as well.” And for the hell of it… “I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul…”

1ofMany: It will be fun to watch how this plays out over the next few months

yobkeeg: NBC and Universal really outdone themselves this time. This Jeff Zucker got to rethink this one, how can you be charging $5 US a pop per episode when you are selling the darn season for about $50. With Tivo and Internet, they are lucky to be getting 2 bucks per episode, let alone $5, good luck zucker!

koabel: Am I the only one who thinks that this NBC thing is being blown way out of proportion? Should we care this much?


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