Apple to unveil iTunes Kiosks at event this Wednesday.

YaYaLuvCupcakesIt’s rumored that Apple will be unveiling iTunes kiosks this Wednesday. The kiosks will be distributed to various retail outlets within the northern U.S. and will allow anyone to connect their iPod/iPhone and buy some tunes on the spot.[…] Thanks to YaYaLuvCupcakes for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

thepho: interesting thing about this is, is that my mom works for a grocery store that “used” to have an iPod kiosk, but all of them were taken out of the stores this week. so sounds like this could be pretty reliable.

drewbles: Great idea for places like airports and the like. Makes that impulse duty-free ipod purchase that much better as you can whack your ipod into a kiosk, and load up a few tracks for the long flight ahead. This could also push into the aircraft itself. If Apple integrated a kiosk concept into the in-flight entertainment, a captive audience on a 14 hour flight with nothing but re-runs of everybody hates raymond and seinfeld may be inclined to cough up more dough.

Clever thinking Apple. I’ve often thought a ITMS Kiosk concept would make sense in the right place.

bradmoreland: Apple is also going to introduce a new iPod Nano. Here is an exclusive video of it from an anonymous source:

chrisutley: Unless it does something more interesting than let you buy music and video, these kiosks are going to be a massive flop. I have an iPhone and iPod, but see absolutely no reason why I’d want to use a kiosk to buy media for them.

houndawg87: I love Apple and iPod, but… really?

Shah: Only North America? I mean this would make sense in countries with no iTunes store..right?

johnpaul191: whatever the announcement is, it is worth point out that they are holding it in the same hall they have the MacWorld Keynotes….. which is way bigger than the space they used to show off the newest iMacs.
it *seems* Apple has something bigger to promote than just bumped up iPods.

augustojr: I can see this working at the airport. or on an airplane even!

o2o2o2o2: Kiosks? Is there really a market for people who own ipods and dont have a computer?

jeffchuck: North America == Northern US???

sigginike90: This is a VERY bad idea. And 100% not true.

jthomp: sounds like a great idea. i’d like to do some iTunes shopping from my iPhone on the go though honestly. but this is a start.

mackoid101: A WiFi enabled iPod would make a lot more sense from a user’s perspective. This is probably more economical from Apple’s point of view.

brownkidd: I’m just wondering how the stores these kiosks are set up in are going to profit from this. The only option would be to charge more per song unless Apple would “rent out” the space for the kiosk at a fair price.

bluebirdgm: Where this would be good is if iTunes started selling HD movies, kiosks would cache some movies, and iPods could be used as portable devices to transfer movies to and from one’s AppleTV. Could put another nail in Blockbuster’s coffin…well, if they started selling enough AppleTV’s to make a difference, that is.


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