I’m Not Sure NBC Could Have Screwed This iTunes Thing Up Any Worse

thehigherlifeThere’s a lot of jackassery to pick apart in this short statement from NBC Universal executive vice president Cory Shields, responding to Apple’s “don’t let the door hit you on the way out, idiots” statement yesterday, but I’ll focus on this curious tidbit for now:[…] Thanks to thehigherlife for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

toyotaboy: NBC (really general electric) is turning into the worst money grubbing corporation this world has ever seen. GE buys NBC, nbc buys telemundo as well as some other stations. My dad worked for WSNS for over 30 years, thank god he’s at retirement age. They basically offered him a buyout that says “please leave, so we can become more profitable”, because they want to use robotic cameras and have one guy multi-tasking 4-5 shows to replace dozens of workers. I’m all for improving the bottom line, but they’re basically pushing it beyond the envelope. Don’t be surprised if your local NBC news starts to go into the shitter because of software failures and nobody to fix them in realtime.

Dush: “It is clear that Apple’s retail pricing strategy for its iTunes service is designed to drive sales of Apple devices” – NBC

uh, no doi?

kollross: I was thinking I read that iTunes basically saved the “The Office” from getting the boot. The show was getting poor rating but selling huge numbers on itunes. They must have forgot that part.

robwilkens: I still can’t believe people paid extra for wathing TV shows in the first place. I mean, come on people, buy a TV, it’s content is free and you get to see it there before it’s available everywhere else. The download time is instant, and it takes up no hard drive space. Is the ‘advantage’ of watching it over-and-over-again-in-repeat-episode-mode on a portable 1″ screen in extra-low-quality really worth $1.99 or even $4.99?

barroni: I admit to getting about 40 gig on stuff a month from torrents. but my ipod has no i repeat NO illegal stuff on it .
When you earn $30,000 a week as an executive $5 seem s like sod all ,when you earn $30,000 a year $5 is a lot of money.
Fuck you NBC

bobbknight: Meh, I never buy tv shows, I don’t care about this at all, rent the dvd and ripe it, then you have the tv shows you want.

GreenAlien: Someone at NBC must of been clued up enough to make the initial agreement with Apple. Where are they now? Was this the same person making the decisions? If so, why the change of heart?

6donkey9: So they want us to all sign up for HULU so they can give us what we want AT 4.99!!! Yea that’s gonna happen reeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllll soon.
F them!

ElectricMovie: I stopped watching t.v. years ago. there’s no time and all the shows suck and are so uncreative.

JasonCox: “Fuck NBC.”
Fuck Apple. Seriously, who pays $1.99 for tv shows? I already pay $50 bucks a month for cable not counting the movie channels, they arent getting one more fraking dime out of me.


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