Thanks to Apple; Jaguar XF sports Pulsating Start Button, Rising Air Vents

CLIFFosakaJAPAN“We have been working with Apple on control interfaces.” That’s a direct quote from, not Martin Winterkorn at Volkswagen, but Ian Callum, the design director for Jaguar, as quoted by CAR magazine. Callum says Jaguar’s new XF’s start button “starts to pulsate” when the driver gets into the car. Once running, the car’s hidden air vents “rise up”[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

bankhead: You can hate on this car but it’s taking a very warm welcome from enthusiasts. Here is a video that shows how the shifter button and the rising air vents actually work.

one2gamble: What does a quote from someone at Volkswagen have to do with the interior of a Jaguar?

MaceSoul: Huh. So a company that outsources design to design firms is designing for other designers? Are they letting Jaguar use Frog Design or are they acting as a middle man?

knobtwiddler: i accidentally clicked this story.


pr5owner: lol why would you buy an auto sports/luxtury car?

sephiroth4: In other news, Q takes notes from Compiz for Bond. “Desktop, Shaken not stirred”…..

Alwar: Is it just me, but to have a story like this and not show a short video of what’s being described, or at least some time lapsed stills would have been so much better! Maybe it is just me.

Seaton: Sorry, I don’t like things that “rise up” in my car…

lordmike: Just 2 more gadgets to go wrong on your car which will cost a fortune to fix

HappyScrappy: Misinterpreted rumor. “Control interfaces” likely means they just can connect iPods.

Let me ask you this? What’s the last thing Apple did that they didn’t try to get a huge press splash from and put their name all over?

This is almost certainly a false story.

Flashman: Jaguar is so 2002. It’s all about Leopard now.

nullcodes: You know, Microsoft has a car computing solution: .. that is coming out in some new Ford 08 vehicles .. sure it’s voice activated .. which is great .. but amazingly they didn’t think of using a touchscreen also and instead have like 20 buttons surrounding the thing for all it’s features. I expect the next version too they still wouldn’t have thought of touchscreen but instead would have a mouse. How innovative .. mouse + drive.

over90000: And the selling out of Apple continues.


l0rdn1k0n: Quick! To the Applemobile!


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